Manual for Teachers: Section 16 . . HOW SHOULD THE TEACHER OF GOD SPEND HIS DAY? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 40 paragraph 1

Section 16


page 40, paragraph 1




1. To the advanced teacher of God this question is meaningless. ²There is no program, for the lessons change each day. ³Yet the teacher of God is sure of but one thing; they do not change at random. ⁴Seeing this and understanding that it is true, he rests content. ⁵He will be told all that his role should be, this day and every day. ⁶And those who share that role with him will find him, so they can learn the lessons for the day together. ⁷Not one is absent whom he needs; not one is sent without a learning goal already set, and one which can be learned that very day. ⁸For the advanced teacher of God, then, this question is superfluous. ⁹It has been asked and answered, and he keeps in constant contact with the Answer. ¹⁰He is set, and sees the road on which he walks stretch surely and smoothly before him. (ACIM, M-16.1:1-10)


Yesterday, and again this morning I feel the peace of knowing that I have a Purpose and that purpose does not need my help to be Itself. I am God’s Teacher. How would He have me be? Who would He have me see? What would God have me say? All I need to do is show up with a clear mind unencumbered with a personal will. I can leave my lists behind. I can release my fear of forgetting something or making a mistake. God does not need my help with any of this. He needs only my desire to be His Teacher.

This is from a past writing in my journal and I am leaving it as is because it is a good example of what to do and how to correct it if I make an error.


I was still working at this time. What did that look like yesterday? I went to work, saw my customers, I looked at my calendar to see who was next then I called ahead. When someone needed something I took care of their problems. I chatted with my customers. In other words, my day looked like any others.

How was it different? I had the thought that I didn’t need to be concerned that I was leaving late. My writing took longer than intended that morning, and I had a lot of customers to see, but I knew it would not be a problem. I trusted that writing as I felt prompted, and leaving when I felt prompted (rather than when my calendar said I needed to leave) was perfect. I didn’t need to know how that would work.

My first customer was going to be my most time consuming job, and when I called to let him know I was on my way, there was no answer. Problem solved. Without my help. I knew who I was supposed to see next, but I felt prompted to see someone else so I did that. He was on my calendar for another day but I trust that this was the person who needed to be in my life that day, right at that moment.

Every customer received my help and no one was left out. The day was beautiful and peaceful and happy. I got up very early and the day didn’t end until after 9:00. I was alert and unfazed by the long hours and enjoyed the evening meeting. People responded to me in a very positive way.

I had ego thoughts and when it happened I noticed how that felt. I responded in the way I felt to, and let them go without further attention. No guilt, for fear, no big deal.

The pain in my leg reminded me that pain is not real. I am in God; there is no pain in God; I cannot be feeling pain; it must not be real. In the past when something like that happened, I felt fearful that I couldn’t handle this. I felt bad that I had the pain believing it to be some kind of punishment for wrong minded thinking. I felt hopeless when it didn’t go away. Yesterday I saw it as nothing appearing as something and trusted I would continue to receive its gift until I no longer needed it.

While I was at the meeting I felt the pull to join in gossip and political outrage that was going on around me. I noticed how I felt when I said something that was not part of my true purpose. Without feeling bad or guilty I stopped and moved on to something else. I didn’t feel any desire to berate myself for doing something wrong. Instead, I just didn’t want to do it anymore.

This is a very good way to live this life. I didn’t miss being in charge at all.

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