Lesson 4: Following the Thread of Desire


You live, yet no longer you, but Christ dwells as you. …There is a mystical translation that occurs in the depth of the soul, which is merely a shifting of where you perceive your sense and source of identity.

What I have learned
When I woke up this morning I thought of getting some coffee and then I thought that I would pay attention to the act of making the coffee and drinking the coffee. This thought simply came into my mind and it was not random. It is interesting to me that I did not do this although I got up with the intention to do so. It is clear that I experience much of my life with little awareness of what is happening. I sleep walk. I think that in order to live as Christ I am going to have to live with awareness. I think that is why I was given that thought. This is going to take some practice and vigilance. I desire to live in full awareness. I desire to live as Christ.

Probably my very favorite quote from this book is the answer to the question, “Who are you?”

Who am I? I am the extension of Love in form.
I have never been born and I will never taste death.
I am infinite and eternal. 
I shine forth as a sunbeam to the sun.
I am the effect of God’s Love.
And I stand before you to love you.

I don’t know what to say about that except that it speaks to my heart and my heart answers. It brings tears of recognition and longing. I want to live this and I want to write that I want this more than anything else. And yet, if that were true, then I would have it. So evidently I want to be the creator of my self more than I want to be the extension of Love. Holy Spirit, I am willing to change my mind. I ask you to correct my thoughts about self creation. I take full responsibility, but I also assert my right to decide differently by deciding for God.



All quotes are used by kind permission of the Shanti Christo Foundation. To buy a copy of this profound book visit their website at www.shantichristo.com. I invite your thoughts and comments.

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