Lesson 3: Forgiving and Ending



Each moment in which you choose forgiveness, you have literally saved yourself a thousand years of suffering! I mean that about as literally as one can mean it.

What I learned
I was so deeply touched by Jeshua’s story of the Roman soldier that I cried. Part of the reason I cried, maybe the whole reason, is because his forgiveness made a place where the soldier could also heal his life. When I read that I thought, “I can do that.” I already do that each time I truly forgive. This thought still makes me cry when I hold it in my mind. I wonder how many people I have touched with my forgiveness process and I am deeply inspired to continue forgiving. I am saving years of suffering for all of us whether I am aware of it or not. What better use is there for the times of my life?

Now that I have been practicing watching my reactions I notice so much more than I did before. I think I was sleep walking most of my life. I guess that is why they call this life a dream. I notice when I have even a minor feeling of contraction and my attention goes to it. I saw a picture this morning and felt an unspecified discomfort. I immediately stopped and let myself experience this. I was not really thinking about anything or trying to figure it out so much as just letting it float up in my mind. 

As the reason for the discomfort came to me the ego immediately began to argue against it showing me logic that disputed it. It didn’t matter because I was not listening to ego. I have learned to trust this process. As I allowed myself to just go with it I sat and cried for a few minutes and felt the fear that was elicited by the picture. The ego continued to argue that this did not make sense, but I just ignored that voice. I thanked the Holy Spirit for helping me be aware and for being part of this process. As I thanked Him the reason for the tears became clearer and I asked the Holy Spirit to correct my thinking. Then I just went on as if nothing had happened. I am grateful for these healing moments in my life. I am so glad that I started this process those years ago and that it has been enriched by this chapter on forgiveness. This chapter is the most important one I have read so far and I have listened to it on CD many times.


I release and forgive this day. It has been perfect. And it is done.

What I learned
When my house has been finished I move in I am going to put these words on a poster and frame them. Then I am going to hang it next to my bed so that I never forget to say them. I know from past experience that sleep can be an important learning time for me. Nearly every night I ask the Holy Spirit to use this time to help me learn and it has gotten so that my dreams are less symbolic and more literal. Sometimes I will wake up and realize I had just been listening to an explanation of something I needed to know, as if I were listening to a lecture or someone was answering a question for me. Sometimes it will be symbolic and I don’t entirely understand it or even remember much of it, but I know that I got something I needed.

The idea of forgiving and releasing my day had not occurred to me before. But I can definitely see the value. Believe me, I have days that are definitely sufficient unto themselves. I absolutely do not want to carry that energy into my sleep! I also like the idea of declaring its perfection and not making a difference between the days. If a day seemed especially hard or upsetting it was still perfect. It brought with it exactly what I needed and wanted to experience that day. I created it and so it was perfect. I may decide to create differently the next day, but creation is creation and so is a success whatever it looks like. I like the idea of ending my day by reminding myself that this is true. 



All quotes are used by kind permission of the Shanti Christo Foundation. To buy a copy of this profound book visit their website at www.shantichristo.com. I invite your thoughts and comments.

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