Lesson 38

Lesson 38

There is nothing my holiness cannot do.

Your holiness reverses all the laws of the world. It is beyond every restriction of time, space, distance and limits of any kind. Your holiness is totally unlimited in its power because it establishes you as a Son of God, at one with the Mind of his Creator.

Through your holiness the power of God is made manifest. Through your holiness the power of God is made available. And there is nothing the power of God cannot do. Your holiness, then, can remove all pain, can end all sorrow, and can solve all problems. It can do so in connection with yourself and with anyone else. It is equal in its power to help anyone because it is equal in its power to save anyone.

If you are holy, so is everything God created. You are holy because all things He created are holy. And all things He created are holy because you are. In today’s exercises, we will apply the power of your holiness to all problems, difficulties or suffering in any form that you happen to think of, in yourself or in someone else. We will make no distinctions because there are no distinctions.

In the four longer practice periods, each preferably to last a full five minutes, repeat the idea for today, close your eyes, and then search your mind for any sense of loss or unhappiness of any kind as you see it. Try to make as little distinction as possible between a situation that is difficult for you, and one that is difficult for someone else. Identify the situation specifically, and also the name of the person concerned. Use this form in applying the idea for today:

In the situation involving _____ in which I see myself, there is nothing that my holiness cannot do.
In the situation involving _____ in which _____ sees himself, there is nothing my holiness cannot do.

From time to time you may want to vary this procedure, and add some relevant thoughts of your own. You might like, for example, to include thoughts such as:

There is nothing my holiness cannot do because the power of God lies in it.

Introduce whatever variations appeal to you, but keep the exercises focused on the theme, “There is nothing my holiness cannot do.” The purpose of today’s exercises is to begin to instill in you a sense that you have dominion over all things because of what you are.

In the frequent shorter applications, apply the idea in its original form unless a specific problem concerning you or someone else arises, or comes to mind. In that event, use the more specific form in applying the idea to it.



This is one of my favorite lessons because it is so uncompromising. I am not the ego. I am the Son of God. I am very holy and there is nothing my holiness cannot do. It is through my holiness the power of God is made available. I can absolutely trust my holiness to solve all problems to which I direct it.

When I doubt this it is because I am thinking with my ego mind and the ego knows full well that it cannot apply holiness. But I am not the ego. Because I am both human and divine at this time, I must still be vigilant for those thoughts that come from the ego mind, and to let them go in favor of the true thoughts such as this one.

Here is an example. I spent time with my son this weekend. I wanted to be sure he was ok. One of the things that can happen when you have pneumonia is confusion. You just don’t think straight. When I got there I saw that he has lost so much weight that he looked really bad. He had almost no energy and his lungs were congested. He was so miserable and in so much discomfort that he was willing to do anything to feel better. On top of that, he couldn’t sleep. So I left there concerned about this. Because I was looking at this through the ego fear filter, I was not being any help at all.

When I realized what I was doing, I changed my focus and started viewing the situation through my holy mind. My holiness can solve all problems, not only in connection with myself but with my son as well. First, I accepted the situation as it is, recognizing that all things are in our best interests and can be used in that way if that is our desire.

Then I remembered who my son really is and I deliberately focused on the truth of his being rather than the story of sickness. When the ego fear thoughts would come into my mind, I dismissed them as irrelevant. I replaced them with the truth. I let my mind dwell on the solution I wanted rather than the solution the ego predicted.

In the situation involving my fear for my son in which I see myself, there is nothing that my holiness cannot do.
In the situation involving my son’s sickness in which he sees himself, there is nothing my holiness cannot do.

Regina’s Tips

The workbook lesson, “There is nothing my holiness cannot do,” may give the impression that the mind can pick a problem or form of suffering and then decide to ‘heal’ it miraculously. This is not the best way to understand the lesson. There is too much ‘me’ and what ‘I perceive as wrong’ in that.

A better way to understand the lesson is along with the teachings from NTI Ephesians, Colossians and Luke 9: As we contemplate our truth, the clean energy of our truth goes into the world as grace. As grace, it will do what it does to correct misperceptions and miscreation. However, we are not to select the miracles or even look for their evidence. We simply continue our role of contemplating our truth, and we let grace take care of the miracles. 

One thing is for sure: Since you receive what you give, you will experience corrected perception if you contemplate truth instead of focusing on false perception and its stories.

My Thoughts

I laughed when I read Regina’s tips on this lesson. It seemed as if I had done pretty much what she said not to do. I didn’t send out my holiness to heal my son, but I did recognize that my holiness could heal the mistaken beliefs in the mind that caused that manifestation. I don’t think there was anything wrong with that. I do understand what Regina means when she says there is too much ‘me’ in this kind of thinking. And Jesus does tell us that we are not to choose the miracle, but he also said that no expression of love (the miracle) is ever wasted. I want to achieve a way of being that is in a constant state of grace which then goes out into the world. In the meantime, I will continue to contemplate truth as I am doing with these lessons and trust that grace that will take care of the rest.

Past Entries

This is such a powerful lesson that I want to look at it very carefully. I recommend reading it, especially the first three paragraphs, slowly thinking about each sentence and to do this often during the day.

Your holiness reverses all the laws of the world.

What laws of the universe could your holiness reverse? There is a law that you are limited in your abundance to the amount of money you make. The amount of money you make is limited by your education, training, availability of jobs, age, gender, race, or any other rule that you have ever believed.

In the past, I would try to overcome these laws by manipulating the system in some way and was actually very good at it. But no matter how clever or resourceful I was there were limits, and it was hard work, and sometimes I failed, and always it was stressful. But, what if I had known that there is nothing my holiness could not do?

What if I quieted my ego and waited for my holiness to provide the opportunities and to direct me to them, to provide whatever words I needed? What a life of ease I would have had. There would have been no stress, and I would have led a fearless life. Now, I am finally doing this. I still have moments of concern before I remember that I may not see how to provide when I use my ego mind, but there is nothing my holiness cannot do.

It is beyond every restriction of time, space, distance and limits of any kind.

My holiness is not restricted to the ego laws of time, space or distance. I have proven to myself repeatedly that time has no fixed reality. I have needed more time and time has stretched to accommodate me in impossible ways. I have wanted to undo what was done in the past, such as forgiving what had been done then so that its effects would no longer impact my life. That has happened as well. It is as if they never happened. There are no limits of any kind.

Your holiness, then, can remove all pain, can end all sorrow, and can solve all problems.

My holiness can remove grief from my mind. It can remove sorrow. It can take time to do this, or it can be instant. I have experienced it in both ways according to my faith and my desire. The ego mind can disrupt this my desire for peace using guilt and fear, but I can choose again and this time choose my holiness and the results are then instantaneous.

My holiness can remove pain from my body. The laws of the world say that it hurts when I burn the body or cut it. I have proved both of those wrong. Those laws say that some sicknesses are very hard to cure and some are impossible. I was reading a David Hawkins book in which he recounted innumerable illnesses in his own body being healed without outside intervention. Even structural damage being undone simply by accepting what A Course in Miracles told him. Or read or read again Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani to be reminded that the laws of the world do not apply to our holiness.

It can do so in connection with yourself and with anyone else.

All problems exist in the mind, which produces form on the level of the world of time and space. As the mind is changed, the form changes. Through our holiness, this is done. But can we change someone else’s mind? No we can’t, but we can know the truth and our knowing can ignite the spark of truth in their mind and thereby healing occurs. Our holiness is the light in our mind that when chosen over the form our eyes show us, can indeed heal another. Who would you bless with your holiness today?

If you are holy, so is everything God created.

There is within every form we imagine we see in this world, the consciousness that God created. The neighbor you don’t like, the politician you fear and hate, the neighborhood dog that scares you, the one who left you for another; they are all very holy.

Today, I will see a number of people. I will feel the rain on my face and the grass under my feet, and wind in my hair. I will look at the lake as I cross the bridge and I will eat the broccoli from my garden that survived the freeze. I am surrounded by the holy! I am so blessed. May I never forget that I look upon the Christ everywhere I go. May I never lose the sense of wonder I feel right now.

I, as I identify myself with my ego, is not the doer of these miracles. But I am not that ego. And within me is the power of God that is made manifest through these miracles as I allow that power to channel through me. That is how my holiness does everything. So I simply open my heart to that power and let it work in the way that it chooses. I do this without trying to direct it either in the course of the miracle or the outcome of the miracle. It is so simple and natural that the ego discounts my little effort altogether. But I choose not to believe the ego.

2 thoughts on “Lesson 38

  1. Hmmmm. Your comments Myron are so truthful and so true of all of us. We slip in and out of our Holiness. We slip in and out ego mind. We have a split mind. I heard Nouk say on youtube that when Thomas passed away she stopped believing the course for a short time. She stopped believing in God and Holy Spirit and had a breakdown. Out of that breakdown came her book titled something like the End of Death. When she said that she felt the barrenness of believing there was “no God” I twigged on something. I may slip in and out of ego mind but when I feel like there is no God and I have no hope that I am holy that truly is a barren place. When she spoke of that state I saw how powerful the ego mind is. When she was hurting the worst the ego mind grabbed on. When someone I love is hurting the ego mind grabs on and I fall into the split mind of believing I am separate again. Sometimes this happens to me 3 times a day. Sometimes only once a week. I don’t think I can remove “other’s” pain in the illusion but if I can remember to see their Holiness then I am helping “them.” My children, and grandchildren make me want to see the illusion change, I want them in the illusion to not ever suffer pain. But, like me that is their learning ground, that is our classroom. I hope to apply this lesson this AM when I go to brunch with the whole extended family which always challenges me to stay with Holy Spirit or slip into ego mind thinking. LOL There is nothing my holiness cannot do can only become real to me in the stillness. This will be a day of testing that reality and applying the lessons Jesus is giving me to overcome the obstacles in my thinking that keep me in the separation. I feel I can easily not hate anymore but when I LOVE someone I can really hurt. My baby granddaughter is 2 now and I love her so much I forget there is a world of illusion. It’s almost like my love for “others” is the opportunity for the ego to step up. So today I will remember: THERE IS NOTHING MY HOLINESS CANNOT DO. Thank you Holy Spirit and thank you Myron for your dedication.

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