Lesson 37

Lesson 37

My holiness blesses the world.

This idea contains the first glimmerings of your true function in the world, or why you are here. Your purpose is to see the world through your own holiness. Thus are you and the world blessed together. No one loses; nothing is taken away from anyone; everyone gains through your holy vision. It signifies the end of sacrifice because it offers everyone his full due. And he is entitled to everything because it is his birthright as a Son of God.

There is no other way in which the idea of sacrifice can be removed from the world’s thinking. Any other way of seeing will inevitably demand payment of someone or something. As a result, the perceiver will lose. Nor will he have any idea why he is losing. Yet is his wholeness restored to his awareness through your vision. Your holiness blesses him by asking nothing of him. Those who see themselves as whole make no demands.

Your holiness is the salvation of the world. It lets you teach the world that it is one with you, not by preaching to it, not by telling it anything, but merely by your quiet recognition that in your holiness are all things blessed along with you.

Today’s four longer exercise periods, each to involve three to five minutes of practice, begin with the repetition of the idea for today, followed by a minute or so of looking about you as you apply the idea to whatever you see:

My holiness blesses this chair
My holiness blesses that window
My holiness blesses this body.

Then close your eyes and apply the idea to any person who occurs to you, using his name and saying

My holiness blesses you, [name].

You may continue the practice period with your eyes closed; you may open your eyes again and apply the idea for today to your outer world if you so desire; you may alternate between applying the idea to what you see around you and to those who are in your thoughts; or you may use any combination of these two phases of application that you prefer. The practice period should conclude with a repetition of the idea with your eyes closed, and another, following immediately, with your eyes open.

The shorter exercises consist of repeating the idea as often as you can. It is particularly helpful to apply it silently to anyone you meet, using his name as you do so. It is essential to use the idea if anyone seems to cause an adverse reaction in you. Offer him the blessing of your holiness immediately, that you may learn to keep it in your own awareness.



“Your purpose is to see the world through your own holiness.”

My experience of this has been to recognize when I am using my ego mind to filter my experience and then to release that desire to the Holy Spirit. There are only two ways to look at the world; either I do so with the Holy Spirit or I do this with the ego. There is no third option, not a “me” alone, so when I release the ego interpretation of my experience the only other way to see is with the Holy Spirit.

To view the world with my holy mind is to bless the world. In doing so, I disregard the ego behaviors as meaningless and see past it to the holiness of the other person. I can do this and often do. It blesses them because they are not judged and so they feel safe with me. It teaches them their innate worthiness and helps them to remember who they are. I ask nothing of them, content to let them be. Fascinated by their beingness, actually.

I disregard the world as meaningless and see the real world beneath the form. Well, I will see the real world as I get better at this. Right now, what I am doing is opening my mind to the fact that everything is God. I look at a pencil and remind myself that there is nothing but God and so this pencil is made of the stuff of God. So is my computer and my hand.

What does this mean? What is God? I don’t know, but I know that whatever I choose to make is very holy, not that the form of pencil and computer even exist of themselves, but that they are in my holy mind and so they are holy, indeed. These common everyday bits of our illusion suddenly become wondrous. How extraordinarily powerful we are, and how God must love us!

Also, take this tip from NTI Colossians 3 with you for all of our workbook lessons:

May you practice your lessons in this way:

~Be grateful for the truth that you know.
~Practice it with Wisdom, and pray that more truth be given.
~Be grateful to your brothers who show you what you have learned.
~Welcome your lessons in vigor, that you may grow in mastery of the way.
~Embrace all that you see, knowing it comes from you.
~Correct that which needs correction.
~And immerse the mind in the reflection of truth.

Past Entries

One day I took a customer to lunch at the casino in his town. He got an emergency phone call and had to leave early, so on my way out I put a few bucks into a slot machine. I wasn’t winning anything and suddenly had an idea. I thought about enveloping the slot machine with my holiness to get a payoff. I had a thought that this would not work, and It didn’t. My money still disappeared into the machine.

Today I see the problem. In recognizing that my holiness blesses the world, I am recognizing that my holiness blesses because it makes no demands and asks for nothing from the other. I wasn’t really enveloping the slot machine in my holiness, I was slyly attempting to coerce the slot machine into losing so I could win. This example makes me laugh because it seems silly, but isn’t this a perfect example of the mistake we all make sometimes?

How many times have I done something good because I want to be seen as good? I am not doing good for the joy of it, but to gain something. Who doesn’t have special relationships? They are fraught with give to get behavior. No matter how loving I am to someone, if I am doing it to get their approval or to coerce them into loving me in return, this is an ego blessing, and therefore is not a blessing at all.

When my holiness blesses the world there is no give and take, no one loses and no one sacrifices. This is the whole point. My holy blessing teaches the world that we are all complete and whole just as we were created. I need nothing from anyone or anything, and in my completeness, I can experience pure joy as I love purely. And my blessing bestows this same gift on the world.

Another thought came to me as I was doing the exercise this morning. I closed my eyes and blessed the first person that came into my eyes. It was a woman I have issues with, and the blessing, being heartfelt and directed toward and inward, felt good. Then I started thinking of other people to bless and after a moment or two, I noticed that I was thinking of them as “needing” my blessing.

In other words, I was seeing them as less than and troubled and was trying to restore them with my blessing. I was looking through the ego mind and seeing lack. I was then using the ego mind to see Myron as the one who bestows blessings. Instead, I stepped back from the blessing and allowed it to flow unimpeded by my judgments. I looked out through the holiness in me and saw the holiness in them.

I don’t “do” anything to give a blessing to the world. I believe in my holiness and it blesses the world. Today, Holy Spirit, help me to remember what I am. Help me to remember my holiness, which envelops the world and blesses it with the truth of our being and our oneness.

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