Lesson 146

Lesson 146 

My mind holds only what I think with God. 

(131) No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth. 

(132) I loose the world from all I thought it was. 

(ACIM, W-146

The reason my mind holds only what I think with God is that my mind is in God. The thoughts I think I think are just imagination, not true thoughts. They are not eternal thoughts so they are not thoughts at all and do not exist. Every time I say to myself that my mind holds only what I think with God, I am reminding myself of the truth and claiming it for myself. I am turning away from the nonsense of ego thinking and toward my Self. 

Because I am trying to remember the only true thing in existence, my Self, which is in God, I cannot fail. How can I fail to know myself? The way that I do this is to release the belief in all thought that is not true thought. In this way, I loose the world from all I thought it was. I thought it was a place to hide from God. I thought it was a way to escape my guilt, and equally, I thought it proved my guilt. I thought it was a place I could be the victim instead of the responsible party. 

Because I have chosen to awaken from the dream of separation, I am now using the world to help me reach my goal. I am withdrawing all my projections and bringing them back into my mind where they can be seen with the Holy Spirit and undone there. I can see them as the nothing they are. Now I accept that is where they are rather than trying to deny what I believe is my guilt by projecting it outward in an attempt to feel innocent at the expense of my brother’s innocence.  

All of that simply caused me to feel even more guilt. Now, I am using the world to show me my projections so that I can see that I am responsible for my thoughts, but not guilty for them. Accepting responsibility rather than trying to avoid it through projection, my mind can be healed, and I can know there is no guilt; I am innocent and so is everyone else. 

I had an experience of this recently. I was with someone whose very presence triggered memories that I didn’t want to think about. My reaction was to resent the other person for causing this reaction in me, and the solution was to see him as guilty of making me feel this way.  The best thing to do, the ego-mind told me was to walk away from him and allow the other people around me to distract me from those thoughts.  

This is the way the ego ‘protects’ me from unhappiness. It avoids and projects and distracts. But even when that works, nothing is healed and so life becomes round after round of projection and avoidance and nobody is safe from the guilt I project onto them. Luckily, I understand how this works and I have decided not to play the ego’s games anymore.  

My goal is no longer to find someone to make guilty so I can pretend to be innocent. It is no longer trying to find a way to deny my feelings and my guilt. Now, I am only interested in undoing the belief in guilt. I sat with Jesus and talked this over with him. I shared with him my feelings, and he helped me to see the thoughts that were triggered so that I could go deeper into the root cause of my upset.  

By doing this instead of projecting, I was able to forgive the problem by seeing there is no problem. I see there is no value in holding onto these old beliefs. I don’t need a world to project onto because no one can be guilty as guilt is not real. I can let these thoughts go because they are not real thoughts, they are not eternal. In doing this, I have taken another step in loosing the world from what I thought it was.  

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