Lesson 145 2021

Lesson 145 

My mind holds only what I think with God. 

(129) Beyond this world there is a world I want. 

(130) It is impossible to see two worlds. 

(ACIM, W-145

Sometimes it’s discouraging to be in this world. There is so much unkindness, even outright cruelty. This does not seem to be getting better, but on the contrary, it is worse all the time. Maybe because I see how beautiful and loving it could be without our projected guilt, it makes it harder to experience it as it is. But as Jesus tells us, there is a world beyond this one that I do want. This reminds me of my purpose, why I am here, and I feel the darkness lifting. As I release these thoughts to the Holy Spirit, the more familiar feeling of peace and happiness returns.  

The reason I felt a momentary sense of discouragement and then felt uplifted is that I deliberately let go of the ego’s perspective of life so that I could have the Holy Spirit’s corrected perspective. Of course, I cannot have both at the same time. That’s like climbing into bed and deciding I want to go to sleep but stay awake. I have to choose and do so in every moment. The world I made up or the corrected world.  

Once the real world is chosen by us, we will let the world go entirely, but for now, our goal is the real world where there is peace is happiness all the time, where we treat others as if we loved them deeply because we see that we do. In the real world, there is no cruelty, not even the slightest unkindness. Who would do that if they knew they were all connected in a way that made giving and receiving the same? In the real world, there is no competition because we want everyone to have what we have.  

This world is ours as we let go of the world we made. We must each make that decision until it is accepted by all. That is why Jesus tells us that our only function is to accept the Atonement. Another way to say this is that it is our function to awaken. Once that is done, we can help others who are ready to accept their function. If you sometimes feel discouraged with the world, be comforted to know that you are no longer coming here to waste more time. You have a divine purpose you are fulfilling, and the weary world is encouraged that you are here completing that purpose. 

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