I Can’t Hear the Voice; How Do You Do It?

Dear Rev Myron,

I have tried to hear the Voice, but it just seems to elude me. Even when I think I might be hearing it, I am not certain. How do you do it?


Thank you for all your writing and thank you for your help understanding this.



Dear D, those are all very good questions. How you communicate with Holy Spirit may be different in form from the way I do it. But He is always talking to you and you only need to learn to listen. Don’t pay any attention to the ego mind. The Holy Spirit resides in your mind so it is always possible to hear Him. You don’t need to do anything right to hear the Voice for God; you only need to desire it, and then practice until you get good at it.

I began the practice through writing. I would sit at the computer and ask a question and then start writing. At first I would just sit there and freeze up, so I was directed to just write no matter what. I would just start writing about the weather or whatever. (When I say I was directed, I mean that is the thought that came to me.)

After awhile, because of my desire to know the answer and to hear that Voice, the writing would become meaningful. I could always tell when it became words that didn’t come from me. Now I don’t have to go through that process. If I have any trouble getting started, I stop and still my mind. I call on Jesus or Holy Spirit and ask what He wants me to know about this and then let the words come.

I assure you that I am not special. Anyone can do this. It just takes practice and a sincere desire. I notice that Regina can do the same thing without writing. She calls it contemplating. She sits quietly and waits for the thoughts to be given her. I am too mentally undisciplined to do it this way. When try, my mind wanders and I get discouraged. Writing works better for me.

He also speaks through me when I am sharing with a student. This is especially true when the student asks me for guidance. I become still in my mind and I ask with complete willingness, to be guided in my words. I want the Holy Spirit to use me to speak to this person and this is what happens. Sometimes when someone is sharing with me, I think that I need to say something and so I do the same thing. Either I am given words or I am given silence. Sometimes silence is the best thing because the person is going to come to their own conclusion and my job is to just have faith in them.

I have spent years practicing listening to Spirit. I do it all during the day every time I think to do so. I ask for guidance in all sorts of things, even what to eat and what to wear. It is not constant because that would not be practical, but it is frequent. Sometimes I will ask for guidance and think I have it and then realize in retrospect that I was listening to ego. That’s OK. My true desire is to be guided so I know I will get back on track. Also simply asking is valuable whether I listen or not. Asking is practice and strengthens my willingness to hear only that Voice.

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