On Awakening

Dear Rev Myron,

A fear of me is that I have not enough time in this ‘liftime’ to undo all my false beliefs and fear (ego). What happens if one ‘dies’?  Does one have an consious choice to awake in the next ‘lifetime’?

Love and hugs, W.
Dear W.
It does not matter how much work we “seem” to get done in this life time. Here are the reasons. 
1. We are not this person in this story. We are watching the story. If this story ends we will just watch it again or watch another story that is helpful for letting go.
2. We could be learning much more than we realize. the person in the story may seem not to be learning, but we are not that person. We may not be aware on this level how much is done. When I first began studying the Course I had the same feeling. I even had trouble remembering what I had read and I couldn’t seem to retain these new ideas. I despaired of ever doing this. One night I dreamed that someone I knew asked me a question about the Course. I began explaining it to her. It was a very clear and detailed explanation. When I woke up I was astounded that I could do that. I quickly forgot everything I had said, but now I knew the information was available to me and I suspected it would start to show up in my life. I was right about that.

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