It is Hard for Me to Remember What Forgiveness Really Means

Dear Rev Myron

What I really find difficult is the term forgiveness.

Is knowing that what I see with my eyes is not Reality forgiveness? That when I see another person I see my Brother, is that forgiveness? That when I feel attacked, it’s not the others fault but it is something within myself and go there and look upon it with HS? Then I am doing it right. I have a little bit trouble with the word I think… Mostly it takes some time before I can sit with HS and look into ‘the attacks” or feelings of “I am not good enough, not worthy, that’s OK isn’t it? “(many questions).

Love, and thank you for your help,


Dear W,

As for forgiveness, this was very hard for me too. I had to constantly remind myself what forgiveness really means. It was helpful for me to translate the word in my mind to “undoing.” I forgive (undo) the belief that my brother is guilty. I forgive (undo) the belief that my actions define me. When I see myself or another as being something they clearly cannot be such as selfish or foolish, I forgive (undo) this vision of them.

Do you see what I mean? Ultimately, I forgive (undo) the belief in separation. My desire to have these errors undone (forgiveness) allows the Holy Spirit to heal my mind and so I see clearly. Thus one of my favorite prayers, “Come into my mind and undo what I have done.”

There are some places in the Course that are very good for learning to understand forgiveness. An excellent thing to read is the Song of Prayer. Also there is a good section in the Workbook called What is Forgiveness. It is right before Lesson 221. Another way to see forgiveness is given us in the Clarification of Terms.

W, you want this. That is the thing that matters. Our true desire is always given to us. Now it is just a matter of taking it a step at a time and forgiving (undoing) all the things that stand in the way of your acceptance. You will not fail so just be patient with yourself.

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