C 1: V. Wholeness and Spirit, P 2

V. Wholeness and Spirit, P 2

2 The basic decision of the miracle-minded is not to wait on time any longer than is necessary. Time can waste as well as be wasted. The miracle worker, therefore, accepts the time-control factor gladly. He recognizes that every collapse of time brings everyone closer to the ultimate release from time, in which the Son and the Father are one. Equality does not imply equality now. When everyone recognizes that he has everything, individual contributions to the Sonship will no longer be necessary.



This morning I read something Regina Dawn Akers wrote about not wasting time. This is what she said.

It seems I remember something from the UrText of A Course in Miracles where Jesus sent Helen to a specific store to find and buy a specific coat. This directed shopping saved time, so she could spend more time with Jesus scribing the Course and less time going from store to store looking for a coat.

I find the same guidance in my life. When I am surrendered and asking, “What am I to do now,” I am led efficiently from one thing to the other. When I am not surrendered, my mind comes up with ideas about what to do that wastes time.

With surrender, I accomplish more of what needs to be done and I have more time for focused spiritual contemplation and meditation. Without surrender, more time is wasted in activities that accomplish nothing meaningful (e.g., too much time on Facebook looking at nothing.)

It seems the intuition that answers us when we ask, “What am I to do now?” guides for our best interest and ultimate satisfaction. By listening to it, time is used wisely. We will notice the effects of this wise use of time; there’s a feeling of being in the flow, in harmony with all things.

That was a helpful reminder from Regina. I often ask for guidance and then sometimes I fall out of the habit and try to make all my own decisions. There is a huge difference in the flow of my life. It is always a waste of time when I do this. I did this when I spent nearly all of Friday shopping and got almost nothing done except to wear myself out. I didn’t ask for guidance at all, just decided it was the thing to do. I was wrong. It seems that every so often I have to try life on my own just to be sure it really is better if I make no plans and no decisions on my own.

Another way I use this idea of time control is that I use every situation as an opportunity to heal the mind. For instance, like many people I spent the last several days eating Thanksgiving desserts. I don’t generally eat many sweets, and when I do eat them I eat without guilt and with enjoyment. However, when I eat like I did this weekend, in the past I have had a hard time stopping. It’s like when I get started eating sweets I can’t stop.

What I normally do is tough it through by spending a few days backing slowly off the sweets, eating fewer every day, to finally stop altogether. This works for me, but doing this is teaching myself something that is not true. I spend those two or three days feeling anxious and out of control. I doubt myself and feel victimized by my bad habit.

I become afraid that this time I will not be able to stop eating sweets as if the craving for sweets has nothing to do with me and it just falls from the sky and attacks me. When I do this I am teaching myself that I am a body and the body is the decision maker. This is not a lesson I want to teach myself or anyone else.

What I do now is that I accept responsibility for my eating habits, and for the strong craving for sweets. I did this and I can undo it. I enjoyed the banana pudding and as much of the fudge as I wanted, then I told the Holy Spirit that I wanted to go back to eating normally. I enjoy not feeling attached to food and not feeling controlled by appetite. I asked for His help. When I woke up the next morning I had no desire for deserts or heavy meals. The leftovers are sitting in the fridge and I don’t feel to eat them.

Eating or not eating is not the issue, though I am happy with the way things are now. The issue is that I am using this situation to be taught the truth. I am using it to help the Sonship wake up to It’s Reality. This is a good use of time. It’s the only good use of time that I can see, and it is very satisfying to me to use time in this way. Definitely more satisfying than a piece of fudge. No, really. ~smile~

We do have work to do here. There is an effort that is required. I know the text tells us that we need do nothing, but Jesus is talking about a healing of the mind when he says this. We need do nothing to accomplish healing except to want the healing. However, it sometimes takes great effort to get to a place where we want the healing more than we want the problem.

In this way, we are not all equal at this time. Some of us have done more work or have more quickly accepted the truth. I am grateful to those who have stepped forward and done what needed to be done. They do not heal for themselves alone, but for all of us. Because of what they have done, we are all much closer to awakening, and the work I must do is much easier now. The mind is not as deeply asleep now so it is not as hard for me to change my mind. Also, I look at those who walk ahead of me and I see that they did it so I feel encouraged that I can do so as well.

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