C 1: V. Wholeness and Spirit, P 1

V. Wholeness and Spirit, P 1

1 The miracle is much like the body in that both are learning aids for facilitating a state in which they become unnecessary. When spirit’s original state of direct communication is reached, neither the body nor the miracle serves any purpose. While you believe you are in a body, however, you can choose between loveless and miraculous channels of expression. You can make an empty shell, but you cannot express nothing at all. You can wait, delay, paralyze yourself, or reduce your creativity almost to nothing. But you cannot abolish it. You can destroy your medium of communication, but not your potential. You did not create yourself.



After reading this paragraph I can only say, “Thank you, God, for the nature of my creation.” I am so grateful that while I can refuse to use my creativity, I cannot destroy it. I can be in a state of denial, but denial does not change me. Since I did not create myself, I cannot make myself different. I can only pretend to be different.

The body is the symbol of the change I am pretending to be. Used by the Holy Spirit, it becomes the learning aid that helps me return my mind to Reality. I watch my mind for thoughts that seem, unlike Reality. I notice my body’s changes and see that it cannot be part of Reality because Reality does not change.

I use the body to communicate or to block communication and I see something else that needs healing. I notice that my mind is obsessed with the body and it’s needs as if I am this thing, and so I see another lesson to be learned. The body is quite the classroom. When the lessons have all been learned, when the body is seen for what it is and when I have learned to use it only for communication, I will no longer need it, nor want it.

The miracle is the way I reach this new understanding and eventually leave behind the world I see. As I notice these things, as I notice the use to which I put the body and ask that my mind is corrected of these mistaken beliefs, the miracle heals the mind. The healed mind no longer imagines the lack of love and so no longer projects its distorted vision onto the world.

As ever greater numbers of us are healed and the miracle transforms the world it will become what it was meant to be, and for awhile we will enjoy our little experiment as a happy dream rather than the nightmare it often is now. How lovely the world will seem without pain and suffering, greed and selfishness, and all the effects of guilt and fear that do not in reality exist, but that we continue to animate through our belief that we need them.

I know that this is going to happen because it is beginning to happen now. I see it in my own life and in the lives of others. I had an example of that this morning. I was more active yesterday than usual and when I woke up instead of feeling revived and refreshed, I felt draggy and achy. But I couldn’t sustain that illusion because I have spent a lot of time remembering that the body is not sick, or tired. What happens is that the mind creates these states and then projects them onto the body.

I have asked for healing of the mind often enough that I can no longer stay in pain like I used to. I didn’t think about it a lot. I just noticed the discomfort and had the thought that pain is not real. Then I went about my business and at some point realized that all the false symptoms were gone. They cannot exist without my active participation.

As I write this I notice a pain in my neck that has been very persistent. I don’t seem willing to let it go, and I don’t allow the reason for this reluctance to rise to the surface of my mind. But I do trust. I trust that everything that appears in my life is there to support my awakening and when I have used it for that purpose it will leave. I trust myself to be awakened enough to desire to heal and to allow the miracle to manifest in perfect timing.

It has been my experience so far that as my mind heals, my world changes. Sometimes it is the way I see the world, and sometimes it appears as an actual change, such as it did with some of the physical healings I have experienced. Another way I see the effects of a healed mind is the ease in which I live. I need something and there it is.

Sometimes I did not consciously know I needed it until it showed up. I need help and someone volunteers. I need a solution to a problem and am inspired with an answer. Someone sent me a $300.00 donation, and in a couple of days, I have a plumbing issue that cost $300.00 to resolve. A long time grievance is simply dropped as if magically removed from my mind, and of course, it is not magic, but it’s opposite; it is a miracle.

I am not in conscious control of the miracle. I do my part in being vigilant for the need for healing and accepting the change of mind it brings. I observe with wonder and delight as the miracle makes itself known, but I don’t try to direct it. When that desire enters my mind I know it is the ego trying to gain control it thinks it lost. It never had control so there is nothing to be regained.

Just as the body is here for as long as needed, the miracle, too, is only temporary. When I fully accept my true Self, I will have no need for miracles. For now, however, I am so grateful for them.

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