C 1: I. Principles of Miracles, P 35

I. Principles of Miracles, P 35

35 Miracles are expressions of love, but they may not always have observable effects.


This principle is very clear. Not every miracle is going to show up in the story of your life as something you can see. It does not mean the miracle failed or that you failed. The way this principle has affected me is that I stopped looking for proof, and rested in my faith. I accept that every expression of love is a miracle and has results whether I can see them or not.

If I, or someone I know, were very sick, perhaps dying, and I remembered the truth this would be a miracle. I knew they could not be sick because sickness is not of God. I remembered they could not die because there is no death. This is an expression of love and thus a miracle. What if the body in question remained sick or died? Would this mean the miracle did not occur?

Jesus tells us that sometimes we may not be able to observe the miracle so it does not mean anything that the body remains sick or dies. I can imagine that the illness was put into place and must play itself out. I can imagine that the illness or death is a freely chosen classroom to help me learn a particular lesson or heal a particular belief in the mind. It may be that the miracle’s effect occurred at the moment of death or unknown to me within that person’s mind which was freed as a result.

I may not ever know why it happened as it did, but I know that when I forgive, when I express love, a miracle occurs whether I can perceive it or not. The body and all other forms of the world are illusions that may or may not change as a result of the miracle. The miracle is a healed mind and that always occurs.

Expressions of love are sometimes words or behavior and sometimes simply thoughts. Expressions of love are from the Holy Spirit; they pass through me to my brothers and sisters. Every circumstance is an opportunity for a miracle. There is no situation that stands outside this. If someone is angry with me and speaks harshly, I have the opportunity to respond in kind, or to recognize their words as a call for love and ask Holy Spirit how best to respond with love.

If someone murdered my child, I would have the same opportunity. I can see their action as despicable and unforgivable, or I can see it as a call for love and respond with love. In each case the miracle is the same. It only appears to be bigger or harder in the second case because I believe it is, because I place more value on some illusions than on others.

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