C 1: I. Principles of Miracles, P 36

I. Principles of Miracles, P 36

36 Miracles are examples of right thinking, aligning your perceptions with truth as God created it.


When my thinking is always in alignment with the truth I will be peaceful at all times and in every circumstance. I know this is true because most of the time my thinking is in alignment with truth and I am peaceful. When something happens to alter this, when I become confused and start thinking with the ego, I lose my peace. The contrast has taught me that true perception, is miraculous. When I think with God, everything changes.

I had been out of alignment with the truth since Sunday night and I felt it acutely. My two daughters are in a rare disagreement and I have allowed myself to get in the middle of it. I thought I was going to mediate and bring everyone back into peace, but that is not what happened. There is not going to be a compromise in this situation and at the moment there is no peace or interest in peace.

Where my thinking went wrong is that I thought this shouldn’t be happening. I thought they should make peace their goal rather than being right. I thought they should listen to me because I am right. I thought I could be happy only if they were happy and at peace. I thought the burden of making everything ok was on me. I was totally confused.

It’s so funny because I didn’t see any of this while it was happening. I guess that’s why I refer to it as confusion. I just kept trying to fix things and digging myself in deeper and deeper. Finally, last night I said, “Holy Spirit, I need help.” And that was when I realized I had been trying to do this through the ego. I had not invited Holy Spirit in. I didn’t ask for guidance as to the best way to handle things. I didn’t ask for His words when I spoke to my daughters. Which meant I must have been listening to ego because there are only the two voices. No wonder I lost my peace.

Even as I sit here writing, I feel a stab of fear when I think of surrendering my “control” of the situation, and believe me, I recognize the irony when I use the word control. I have no control to lose. The ego mind thinks it knows what needs to happen and it thinks that to surrender is to lose. It argues the stakes are too high to take that chance. This thinking is so far from truth.

I want to be truly helpful, and I know the only way this will happen is to turn from the ego and allow my mind to be healed. From a healed perspective I will know what to say. I will know if I should say anything at all. Right now I am seeing all of us as separate and each with our own separate goals. That is not a true perspective. That is not in alignment with the truth as God created it. And so that is not helpful at all. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I am certain that I want a miracle now.

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