C 1: I. Principles of Miracles, P 34

I. Principles of Miracles, P 34

34 Miracles restore the mind to its fullness. By atoning for lack they establish perfect protection. The spirit’s strength leaves no room for intrusions.


As we perform miracles our mind is returned to its natural state. It knows no lack and knows no fear. It is strong and invulnerable and nothing from the ego thought system of separation can distract or confuse it. This is the purpose of miracles, to bring us to our right mind. This is inevitable for each and every one of us. Nothing can prevent this from happening.

I see that I made a mistake in the past when I discounted miracles that I experienced because they didn’t seem big and showy. I did not yet understand the nature of miracles. I didn’t even recognize the miracle when it happened through me, but it didn’t matter. The miracle still did its job and my mind continued to heal.

Once when I was working a man came in and started looking around. When I offered to help he began telling me the story of his troubled life. I had no idea what to say. I did not at that time have much of a spiritual practice, had not yet found A Course in Miracles, but I instinctively asked within for help. I opened my mouth and said just the right thing. I was amazed and never forgot that even though I did not understand the significance of what had happened.

In responding to the desire to be helpful I joined with my brother in a shared purpose, and a holy instant occurred. I willingly stepped back and allowed an intelligence greater than mine to move through me. I was truly helpful. I didn’t know how to do any of this or even that it was possible. I didn’t know what it meant to do this. And yet, it was done because I responded to a deeply buried, but strong impulse toward miracles. It was done simply because I allowed it.

That encounter was a miracle whether I acknowledged it as such or not. The miracle requires so little of us. In fact, when I was so strongly identified with the personality self I am sure I would have been dismayed to discover how very little was required of me. ~smile~ Now I am very happy to know that my job is to desire miracles, and when guided to do so, to allow them to be done through me.

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