C 1: I. Principles of Miracles, P 47

I. Principles of Miracles, P 47

47 The miracle is a learning device that lessens the need for time. It establishes an out-of-pattern time interval not under the usual laws of time. In this sense it is timeless.



When I feel like someone has attacked me it is possible I will feel the need to defend myself and usually, maybe always, that defense is an attack. This creates a cycle into which no healing can come. It is like a war that has no end. The soldier on one side shoots a soldier on the other side and then that side shoots a soldier on the other side and it goes on and on. The war cannot end because the rule is, defend when you are attacked.

Suppose the soldiers notice that if this continues then soon there will be only one left standing. Maybe that means his side wins, but at what cost? Who will care except maybe that last soldier? But what can be done to stop the killing? Usually, someone outside the battle ground begins negotiations for peace.

For many years of my life I was in a war with everyone. No one died from my attacks and they did not kill me, but there was much suffering. Even when there was a truce, no one could relax because we all had to be on the look-out for the next volley of attacks, and you never knew where they would come from. It could easily be someone you thought was a friend, even a loved one.

But just as in a war between armies, there was a limit to the pain and destruction I could take. I decided there must be a better way and I found that way through A Course in Miracles. Now when I notice that I have again entered the battlefield, I ask for a miracle. I ask that I might learn another way, something that is not painful, something that doesn’t just delay the attack, but that corrects the belief that created the need for attack. I don’t just want another truce, I want war to end. The miracle comes from outside the closed cycle so it can bring a different solution.

When I ask for the mind to be healed and accept that healing, I save thousands of years of suffering. There are many, many battles that will not be fought, many attacks that will not be answered. The light that shines away the darkness in my mind, spreads throughout the Sonship. When anyone accepts the miracle we all owe him a debt of gratitude because he accepts it for all of us.

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