C 1: I. Principles of Miracles, P 46

I. Principles of Miracles, P 46

46 The Holy Spirit is the highest communication medium. Miracles do not involve this type of communication because they are temporary communication devices. When you return to your original form of communication with God by direct revelation, the need for miracles is over.



I have to figure this one out. Communication medium would be a way to communicate. Conversation would be one type of communication medium, as would writing. Television would be a communication medium I suppose and movies as well. All of those types of communication mediums require the use of words which limits understanding.

My experience with the Holy Spirit is that I often do use words when I communicate with Him, but that is for my benefit. Using words helps clarify the question in my own mind. The Holy Spirit does not need words from me or to me. When I ask for a healing I may use words, but most often no words are involved when I receive that healing. I may put words to it later in order to share the experience, but the healing itself simply occurs. My mind becomes clear and I am returned to peace.

Perhaps this helps explain why the Holy Spirit is the highest communication medium. Words are but symbols of symbols and thus twice removed from reality. Any communication that involves words is going to be limited. Another thought that occurs to me is that He knows exactly how to get an answer to me.

I’ve noticed that I am perceiving things differently than I have before. It felt absolutely right but because it was so different, and also because it is perhaps not typical, I was concerned. I asked the Holy Spirit to let me know if I am on my path or if I had veered off. He brought me all the way to Colorado for my answer and gave it to me in words from a teacher. Other times the answer comes as I write. Sometimes I don’t realize the question was there until it was answered.

But there is something else meant here when it says that the Holy Spirit is the highest communication medium because it also says that we don’t use this medium in miracles. It says they are temporary communication devices. This tells me that miracles are a communication device, too, but because they are needed only in the illusion and until we are awakened, they are not true communication. I think of miracles and true perception as being similar in that way. Neither one is real, but both are necessary until they aren’t.

So there is another form of communication, and this is communication with God through direct revelation. Evidently, the Holy Spirit has some part in this, is the medium for this communication. I don’t know if this is right and I certainly don’t know what it means. I have no memory of communicating with God through direct revelation, though it must be in mind since this principle says that I will return to it, and that it is my original form of communication. When I do return to direct revelation it will be because the need for miracles is over.

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