C 7: I. The Last Step, P 1

I. The Last Step, P 1

1 The creative power of God and His creations is limitless, but they are not in reciprocal relationship. You communicate fully with God, as He does with you. This is an ongoing process in which you share, and because you share it, you are inspired to create like God. Yet in creation you are not in a reciprocal relation to God, since He created you but you did not create Him. I have already told you that only in this respect your creative power differs from His. Even in this world there is a parallel. Parents give birth to children, but children do not give birth to parents. They do, however, give birth to their children, and thus give birth as their parents do.


Just as is with God, our creative power is without limit. We are not, in time, creating. We are making. Thus I did not create the world I see, but I did make it and it is absolutely astounding in depth and detail. This is because the same power we use to create, we also use to make. The Course tells us that outside of time and as our true Self we are still creating.

Our creations go in only one direction. God created us and we continue to create. We cannot turn the process around and change our selves through a different creation, nor can we change God, or create Him anew. Though in time, we act as if both are possible.

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