C 6: II. The Alternative to Projection, P 9

II. The Alternative to Projection, P 9

9 Thoughts begin in the mind of the thinker, from which they reach outward. This is as true of God’s Thinking as it is of yours. Because your mind is split, you can perceive as well as think. Yet perception cannot escape the basic laws of mind. You perceive from your mind and project your perceptions outward. Although perception of any kind is unreal, you made it and the Holy Spirit can therefore use it well. He can inspire perception and lead it toward God. This convergence seems to be far in the future only because your mind is not in perfect alignment with the idea, and therefore does not want it now.


This first sentence explains how we made the world we see. First we thought of it, and then the thoughts took form. This is the way God made us as well. We know from the previous paragraph that God’s Thoughts remain in His mind, and so we know that this is true of our thoughts as well. What we made as the world is in our mind, just as we are in God’s Mind.

Because our mind is split we both think and perceive, and perception follows the same rules as does thinking. The world we made is a perceived world. It is not real because it is not created, but made up of impossible thoughts. Still, because we made it, the Holy Spirit can use it. The way He uses it is to help bring our thinking into alignment with truth. He inspires our perceptions and therefore turns them toward God.

Last night when my daughter was getting ready to leave the house I asked her if she remembered her phone. She tends to forget things. She said she had it and drove off. I found her phone on the kitchen table. I expressed out loud to those still at the house that this girl tests my faith. Every time she leaves I worry because she seems to be so unaware. I meant it as a joke, but it didn’t feel funny to me when I said it out loud. I immediately regretted my words.

Here is how the Holy Spirit inspires my perceptions and turns them toward God.

The Holy Spirit showed me that the reason I felt bad about what I said is that it is an attack on my daughter. I see her as less than what she is. I overlook her holiness and see her behavior instead. When I asked for help the Holy Spirit inspired my perception, and I was able to see my daughter as the brilliant being she is. What is her story of forgetfulness next to the truth of her holy Self?

Then the Holy Spirit helped me to see my guilty feelings differently as well. I saw that I did not ever mean to attack my daughter. The attack was a projection of my fear for her. We looked at the fear together and I was reminded that fear is not real, but something we made up through our faulty perceptions.

This helped turn my perceptions away from the darkness to the light. The Holy Spirit gave me a vision of my daughter and I sitting together enjoying the story of Susan and Mom. This story is better than anything on TV, and just as unreal. We are not guilty because nothing is really happening. Our stories cannot alter what God created.

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