C 6: II. The Alternative to Projection, P 8

II. The Alternative to Projection, P 8

8 God created His Sons by extending His Thought, and retaining the extensions of His Thought in His Mind. All His Thoughts are thus perfectly united within themselves and with each other. The Holy Spirit enables you to perceive this wholeness now. God created you to create. You cannot extend His Kingdom until you know of its wholeness.


Very clearly we cannot be apart from or different from, God. He created us by extending His Thought, that is, He created us by extending Himself and, therefore, we are like God. We are powerful creators just as is God. This powerful creative ability is what allows us to make the world we see in all its complexity. Because we did not create in the way of Creation (through extending our Thought) what we made is not truly created, but in making it, we used the same power that we would use in creation.

When God created us He extended His Thought, but He also held His Thought within His Mind. This is why we can never truly be separate from God. We are not only like God, we are in God. Being in God, we are perfectly protected and are in no danger from our illusions. We can dream of being separate and in danger, but clearly that cannot actually happen. Because we are in God, it is possible and perfectly safe to awaken from this dream.

Our made world is a world of separation where we each seem to be discrete, and unconnected, and yet, that is obviously not possible. We are part of each other and part of God and still within God, One Whole Self. The belief that we are separated from each other and from God is the only thing holding us in our illusion and holding our illusion together.

Let go of that thought and we wake up to our true Self and know ourselves in God. We return home to discover we never really left, we were just dreaming of being separate. We wake up to our Father and to our true creations. It really is that simple. We imagine we are in this world of pain and sorrow. We believe that it is worth all the suffering because it we believe that God is vengeful and the world keeps us safe from HIm.

And yet, we are all the time in God. If He were truly vengeful we would already be destroyed. We are like children afraid of the monsters in the dark. We sit with our eyes tightly closed and imagine that we are safe because we don’t see the monster. All the time, there is no monster, just the imagined shadows of our fear.

Do I truly believe that I am safe at home in God, and that I only imagine this world? I asked myself that as I wrote what came to me this morning, and I heard whispers of dissent. The ego is afraid, but I am not the ego and its voice is fading from my mind. Then the ego asks if I believe my son is not real, and reminds me of his upcoming surgery.

Will I be so certain he is not real when he is under the knife and in danger? I ask the Holy Spirit about this, and He reminds me that my son is very real and he is with me in God. It is the story of his suffering that is the illusion. I ask that my mind be healed of the lingering belief in the illusion.

I imagine myself in that situation, sitting in the waiting room with my son’s fiancée and I feel the fear in the clinching of my stomach and the tightening in my chest. I feel it moving up my throat and making a lump there that I can barely breathe around. I feel the fear melting out of me as tears.

I watch this happen knowing that this is exactly what needs to be healed. It comes up so that the Holy Spirit and I can look together, and together, agree that this cannot be. How can a Thought of God be endangered? I used to ask for help then put up a wall against that help. It seemed so wrong, so disloyal, to not be afraid for my son.

I look at that wall with the Holy Spirit and together we agree that it is unnecessary, and that Love is not fear. I watch as the wall crumbles before my eyes. The ego tries to worm its way into this moment with Holy Spirit, asking what we are to do next to achieve this healing, and I am told that my part is done. The Holy Spirit will do the rest. I am to rest in Trust and allow it to happen.

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