C 6: V. A. To Have, Give All to All, P 4

V. A. To Have, Give All to All, P 4

4 To the Holy Spirit, there is no order of difficulty in miracles. This is familiar enough to you by now, but it has not yet become believable. Therefore, you do not understand it and cannot use it. We have too much to accomplish on behalf of the Kingdom to let this crucial concept slip away. It is a real foundation stone of the thought system I teach and want you to teach. You cannot perform miracles without believing it, because it is a belief in perfect equality. Only one equal gift can be offered to the equal Sons of God, and that is full appreciation. Nothing more and nothing less. Without a range order of difficulty is meaningless, and there must be no range in what you offer to your brother.


The reason there is no order of difficulty in miracles is that the miracle is a correction in perception and perception is how I see things. So all that is happening is that I am learning to see what is really there. How could one corrected thought be harder than another? A thought is a thought even if a particular thought triggers more fear or guilt than another. It is still just a thought.

My experience has gone something like this. I have experienced sickness, asked that my mind be healed of the belief in death (sickness), and seen the effect of the wrong-minded thought disappear. That is, the sickness disappeared. I have seen this happen in very dramatic ways. The body was not healed; the mind was healed. But it is the sick mind that projects the sick body and so when the mind is healed, it projects a healed body.

The ego world is based on separation, and that includes the idea of levels and ranges. So to the ego mind, one type of sickness is different than another and one type would be harder to heal than another. This cannot be true, because everything is only an idea, and you can’t have a bigger or smaller idea. I can have an idea I am simply not willing to release, but that doesn’t make the idea bigger or harder.

Accepting that the world and the body are not real, but simply the reflection of beliefs held in the mind has made it easier to accept that there is no order of difficulty in miracles. It is essential that I fully accept this premise if I am to perform miracles. The truth is whole and wholeness doesn’t vary. My fear of sickness and my fear of poverty and my fear of heights are all the same. They are exactly the same “size” and the solution to these problems are exactly the same.

In my ego mind the fear of heights and the fear of losing a child, for example, loom large and firmly rooted. I see them as giant sequoias with roots going so deep I cannot imagine getting to them. I see me with a little spade removing the dirt from around the roots but with little hope of taking down that giant tree. At the same time, I see a cold or the flu as weeds in my garden. Pull those suckers up and throw them away. I don’t get sick often and the sickness is mild and short lived generally because I can’t sustain a belief in them, and they can’t exist without my belief.

Of course, the truth is, those beliefs are all the same size and none of them is more deeply rooted than the other. I know this is true, and yet I have held onto certain beliefs even as I asked that they be healed, and doing this makes one seem harder to heal than another and encourages the idea that there is an order of difficulty in miracles.

My job here is to allow my mind to be healed, which then allows miracles to be performed through me. In this way I join Jesus in awakening the Sonship. I cannot do my part if I use my fear to perpetuate the belief in order of difficulty. If I offer miracles that are less than whole, then I am really offering magic and not miracles. When I am afraid this seems like an impossible task, but really, I just change my mind. I change my mind all the time so I know I can do it.

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