C 6: V. A. To Have, Give All to All, P 3

V. A. To Have, Give All to All, P 3

3 I have said that the Holy Spirit is the motivation for miracles. He always tells you that only the mind is real, because only the mind can be shared. The body is separate, and therefore cannot be part of you. To be of one mind is meaningful, but to be one body is meaningless. By the laws of mind, then, the body is meaningless.


It is obvious that when the Course says that we are One, it does not mean we share one body. It would clearly be a meaningless statement. I didn’t put it together like this, though, and realize that logically, it follows that the body is meaningless. But of course it is. I often say that the body is not real, and while that is true, it is hard for my thinking mind to make sense of that idea. The body feels very real and even Jesus says that we are not to deny that we think we have a body.

What is easier for my mind to grasp is that the body is meaningless, since what cannot be shared is meaningless. The ego “me” is meaningless for the same reason; it cannot be shared. Neither one can be who I am. This weekend I had a shaky moment when I felt this more deeply than I have before. I had the thought that I could not go back to living a meaningless life and that was followed by the understanding that what I really meant was that I could not stand the thought that I am meaningless. The question, of course, is who is the “I” that is meaningless.

I think what happened is that I brought into question the meaning of the ego, and the ego responded with fear. The ego does not want to be seen as meaningless because then why would I continue to be interested in it. I was upset because, in a moment of profound confusion, I identified completely with the ego and so it felt like I was saying that I am meaningless. Questioning the ego at this basic level will continue to elicit fear as long as I am vacillating between identities. I appreciate this reminder from Jesus that the body cannot be part of me.

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