C 3: VI. Judgment and the Authority Problem, P 6

VI. Judgment and the Authority Problem, P 6

6 God offers only mercy. Your words should reflect only mercy, because that is what you have received and that is what you should give. Justice is a temporary expedient, or an attempt to teach you the meaning of mercy. It is judgmental only because you are capable of injustice.


I wanted to be sure I understood this simple paragraph. I looked up mercy and it said compassion and I looked up justice and it means fairness. So I am told that I should have compassion because I receive compassion. It also told me that I am being taught the meaning of compassion through fair treatment. This is a temporary measure involving judgment, but only because I believe in unfairness.

How do I use this in my life? The example that comes to me is not about another person, but about compassion and fairness to myself. Yesterday, I had more free time than I normally do. I spent it walking in the park, watching a little TV, and reading a novel. I enjoyed my day for the most part, though I worried a little that I was wasting time.

This morning I am back to being busy and as soon as I am through with my journaling, will get dressed for work and the week will have little free time in it to catch up on paperwork, writing and other things I can only do when I squeeze a little time from the weekend. Watching my thoughts, I notice that I feel guilty and foolish for not using my free time to do those things that really needed doing.

I realize, as I watch my thoughts, that I think I am guilty for my behavior and that I will be punished by not having free time because I misused it and proved I don’t deserve it. I am not being compassionate to myself. I have tried myself in the ego court of law and judged myself guilty and deserving of punishment. This is why I must learn to be merciful and just.

The Holy Spirit is not judging me and berating me for my lack of industry this weekend. Those are thoughts from the ego mind. As I listen to the Voice for God I am assured that there is no shortage of time and that God does not judge me according to how much I get done. I receive nothing from God except Love and that love is not conditional on anything I do or fail to do.

The Holy Spirit looks at my thoughts with me, and He is compassionate to me because he understands why I feel like this. He knows the ego is merciless and unfair and that I believe its judgment of me. But He also knows that none of this is real and that I remain innocent as the day I was created regardless of the ego beliefs, and regardless of my behavior.

I am presented with two entirely opposed thoughts; the ego, which I made, finds me guilty, and the Holy Spirit, which is the Voice for God, finds me innocent. This is always the case and it is always my choice, which one I believe. Mercifully, I choose the Holy Spirit as my Guide and put my faith in His judgment.

As I accept the Holy Spirit’s judgment, my mind is healed and I am at peace. Instead of worrying that I should have written that article and done something with that stack of receipts, I am grateful for the restful day I had. Instead of thinking that I don’t know when I am going to get time to do these things, I wait with curiosity and happy anticipation to see how life will arrange itself to make time for me to do what needs to be done.

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