C 2: V. The Function of the Miracle Worker. A. Special Principles of Miracle Workers P 16

A. Special Principles of Miracle Workers P 16

16 (6) Miracle-minded forgiveness is only correction. It has no element of judgment at all. The statement “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” in no way evaluates what they do. It is an appeal to God to heal their minds. There is no reference to the outcome of the error. That does not matter.


I don’t watch the news or read the paper very much. However, I do have an app on my phone that gives the headlines and a very short paragraph, and sometimes a picture of local news items. Since I work out of town during the week, it keeps me updated on major happenings back home. This morning I noticed another person being arrested for yet another sex crime against a child. As I looked at his picture I noticed how judgmental I felt about him.

I asked the Holy Spirit to heal my mind of the judgment, but I also noticed that I was resistant to the healing. In other words, a part of my mind wanted to be healed and a part of my mind believed this man was guilty and deserved my condemnation. Then I remembered a dream I had last night.

I was at a party and all sorts of party things were happening. I heard someone talking about an infant being healed. I started listening and the person was saying that the baby had tumors in its brain and that Jesus healed the child. I was riveted and wanted to know how this one done. Then Jesus sat across from me and told me how he did it.

I don’t remember all he said or his exact words (I wish I did) but he basically told me that he looked at only what was real about the baby. He didn’t see the tumors. As I started to understand the import of what he was saying, I began to cry. There was a lovely young woman sitting on the other side of me and every time I would begin to cry again, she would reach up with a gentle finger and touch my face. I woke up very happy and excited about the dream knowing something important had happened.

As I remembered the dream I thought about the man in the news item and understood that this person’s sick attraction to children was no different than the baby’s brain tumor. Both were just reflections of a mind that needs to be healed and the way to heal is to know only the truth about them. I would never judge the sick child because he was born with a tumor, and I don’t want to judge the man with the sick mind either.

I asked the Holy Spirit to heal my mind so that I could be a miracle worker like Jesus. I asked him to help me to see sickness as the nothing it is the way Jesus explained it in my dream. Help me to disregard the outcome because it does not matter, and to know only the unchanging truth matters.

“Father forgive us for our stories, all of them, whatever form they might take. We don’t know what we do, and we have forgotten that they are just stories from a sick mind and have no reality at all and are meaningless. Teach us that they are all the same error that they are all healed as we are willing to give them to You. Heal our minds and bring us back to reality.”

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