C 2: V. The Function of the Miracle Worker. A. Special Principles of Miracle Workers P 15

A. Special Principles of Miracle Workers P 15

15 (5) The level-adjustment power of the miracle induces the right perception for healing. Until this has occurred healing cannot be understood. Forgiveness is an empty gesture unless it entails correction. Without this it is essentially judgmental, rather than healing.



I have mentioned my son when writing. He hurt his back and has spent the last several years in constant, unrelenting pain. It is very depressing for him and sometimes when he talks to me about it I lose focus. I start living from the lower levels. I believe in his pain, and I become very afraid for him. How long can someone suffer that kind of pain without giving up? What if he gives in and gets the surgery which he has been told could be very dangerous to him? The pain drives him to greater and greater amounts of medication. What if he over doses himself?

When I am experiencing this situation from a pure ego perspective, seeing it as if the world and the stories in it are real, I lose sight of the truth. When this happens, I join the world in its stories of pain, suffering, and death. The good news is that I never completely lose sight of the truth anymore. No matter how sad, angry or fearful I am, I can still sense the truth. It is there right beneath the fear.

Here is the way I experience this. Last night I felt so much pain for my son that I just sat and cried. I asked Jesus to sit with me and give me comfort while I felt this. Eventually, I remembered the truth of it. I envision Toby and I sitting quite apart from this story and watching it. He is not in pain and I am not sad for him because we know it is just a story and we are both perfectly safe. Then I pray with all my heart that I have that right. And then I cry for myself that I waver between love and fear, and I ask for the strength to see clearly.

I am so grateful that, while my attention may be pulled away, I never completely lose sight of the truth, and I am always drawn back to it. After I cry and after I am comforted, I ask the Holy Spirit to heal my mind of the belief in pain, suffering, and death. Then I remember that awakening is my purpose and my only purpose and in spite of what ego says about that, remembering my purpose does not mean I am abandoning my son in his pain. Quite the opposite.

As my mind returns to peace, I realize that once again I have experienced a miracle. Nothing in the world changed, and yet everything changed. Through the miracle of a changed mind, I now see this on a higher level, one outside of form. What do I care about how it seems to the body’s eyes? Nothing can stand against the power of Truth. The miracle is available to us all in every circumstance. “Holy Spirit, be with me today, and when I begin to sink into the murky and dense level of form, lift me up. Thank you, God. I love You, God.”

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