ACIM Workbook Daily Lesson 62, Year 2022

ACIM Daily Lesson 62 Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.

Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world. ACIM Daily Lesson 62

Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.

ACIM Daily Lesson 62

Lesson 62

Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.

1. It is your forgiveness that will bring the world of darkness to the light. ²It is your forgiveness that lets you recognize the light in which you see. ³Forgiveness is the demonstration that you are the light of the world. ⁴Through your forgiveness does the truth about yourself return to your memory. ⁵Therefore, in your forgiveness lies your salvation.

There are different ways to practice the A Course in Miracles but this is the way I practice forgiveness. It has brought me to where I am now so I know it works. The first thing I did was to learn to be aware of the thoughts in my mind because everything we see and experience is based on thought. I developed the habit of watching my thoughts with the Holy Spirit and releasing them to Him. I became proficient at this by using Dan Joseph’s book, Inner Healing.

I use different words when I do the forgiveness work. For instance, I might forgive a tendency to judge by saying that I forgive the desire to judge. I forgive the belief that I can judge. This means that I recognize that judging is not my job and I don’t want it anymore. I forgive it and let it go. Or if I have a grievance against someone, I might say this. I forgive my projections onto this one and release this grievance. Forgiveness means to let go. Forgiveness merely sees its falsity, and therefore lets it go. (ACIM, W-pII.1.1:6) I also forgive the beliefs behind the thoughts. For instance, if I feel guilty for a specific error I made, I will forgive it. But I will also forgive the belief in guilt.

Forgiveness Is a Gift to Yourself

2. Illusions about yourself and the world are one. ²That is why all forgiveness is a gift to yourself. ³Your goal is to find out who you are, having denied your Identity by attacking creation and its Creator. ⁴Now you are learning how to remember the truth. ⁵For this attack must be replaced by forgiveness, so that thoughts of life may replace thoughts of death.

All ego thoughts are an attack on creation and on God and thus a denial of my Identity. I want to remember Who I am so I forgive these thoughts and beliefs. I forgive anything that triggers fear or guilt in me. It doesn’t matter if I think I am guilty or someone or something else is guilty. Even if I see someone who feels guilty, I forgive that belief in my mind. If it is in my awareness, it is mine to forgive. Our minds are one so it is forgiven in us both. It is all the same and all must be forgiven.

I forgive Putin and I forgive what is happening in the Ukraine. I forgive the thought that this could escalate into WWIII. Any fear thought about it that enters my mind is something to be forgiven. I forgive the belief in conflict, in attack as a defense, and that I am vulnerable. Every attack thought in my mind is contributing to this situation so I forgive them. I mine the situation for any other thoughts and beliefs that deny my true Identity. As I let these thoughts go, my mind opens to the truth and I return to peace. We all benefit when any of us forgives.

What Forgiveness Will Do for You

3. Remember that in every attack you call upon your own weakness, while each time you forgive you call upon the strength of Christ in you. ²Do you not then begin to understand what forgiveness will do for you? ³It will remove all sense of weakness, strain and fatigue from your mind. ⁴It will take away all fear and guilt and pain. ⁵It will restore the invulnerability and power God gave His Son to your awareness.

I have seen that as forgiveness called on the strength of Christ in me, the feelings of weakness, strain and fatigue began to fall away. Fear and guilt also fell away. The only time this comes back is when I slip into a story and start to believe in it. When this happens, I am immediately out of the present moment and into the past or future. This means I am feeling regret or fear and am once again thinking of myself as this body. This cannot be what God created so I have forgotten Who I am again. I look within for what needs to be forgiven to restore to my awareness the invulnerability and power God gave His Son.

The Practice

4. Let us be glad to begin and end this day by practicing today’s idea, and to use it as frequently as possible throughout the day. ²It will help to make the day as happy for you as God wants you to be. ³And it will help those around you, as well as those who seem to be far away in space and time, to share this happiness with you.

5. As often as you can, closing your eyes if possible, say to yourself today:

²Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.
³I would fulfill my function that I may be happy.

⁴Then devote a minute or two to considering your function and the happiness and release it will bring you. ⁵Let related thoughts come freely, for your heart will recognize these words, and in your mind is the awareness they are true. ⁶Should your attention wander, repeat the idea and add:

⁷I would remember this because I want to be happy.

For anything to happen, it must be shared. Jesus told us this in Lesson 54. ³Even the mad idea of separation had to be shared before it could form the basis of the world I see. I don’t want to share fear and guilt so I keep my mind as clear as I can. As I forgive, I share this forgiveness with the world. My happiness is shared with the world. I want this to be all that I share.

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  1. Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world. I would fulfill my function, that I may be happy. I would remember this because I want to be happy. I type this out here that I would remember to repeat it today. The more I repeat it the closer I come to God. I will look for Dan Josephs book Inner Healing.

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