ACIM Workbook Daily Lesson 100, Year 2022

ACIM Daily Lesson 100 My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.

My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation. ACIM Lesson 100

My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.

ACIM Lesson 100

Lesson 100

My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.

1. Just as God’s Son completes his Father, so your part in it completes your Father’s plan. ²Salvation must reverse the mad belief in separate thoughts and separate bodies, which lead separate lives and go their separate ways. ³One function shared by separate minds unites them in one purpose, for each one of them is equally essential to them all.

This makes perfect sense when I think about it. Our problem is that we feel separate from each other and from God. This creates a sense of competition and thus conflict within the Son of God where before there was only love. To correct this problem, we need to come together again leaving behind all sense of separateness. Joining in purpose is the way we are to do this. In this way, we are all striving toward the same goal. Each person’s part may take a different form, but the content will be the same. As Jesus says, one function shared by separate minds unites them in one purpose, for each one of them is equally essential to them all.

The image that comes to mind is of a huge box of puzzle pieces scattered about us. If each person is trying to make their own picture from their pieces, the picture will never come together. But if each person knows what their part is to look like when the picture is done, the whole picture takes form and makes sense. One piece left out, or one person going their own way and the picture is never complete. We would all have to work together. Instead of trying to compete and thus making enemies of each other, we would work as one. In the end, we would be like the puzzle, coming together as one beautiful Self.

Your Joy Must Be Complete

2. God’s Will for you is perfect happiness. ²Why should you choose to go against His Will? ³The part that He has saved for you to take in working out His plan is given you that you might be restored to what He wills. ⁴This part is as essential to His plan as to your happiness. ⁵Your joy must be complete to let His plan be understood by those to whom He sends you. ⁶They will see their function in your shining face, and hear God calling to them in your happy laugh.

When I read this lesson, I always think of my friend, John. John was a happy man. He genuinely cared about people and this happy attitude was what drew me to him. As I introduced him to family members and friends, I realized that everyone was drawn to him. John wasn’t from around here and one day he asked me to go to church with him. He chose a church of the same denomination he attended at home and though this was not a church I liked I went with him.

The reason I didn’t like that church is that it was a hell-fire church that preached the fear of God. The people in it were a somber lot. As it happens, he didn’t like it either and so we never had to go back. Later, I was talking to my mom about our visit to the church. She also had the same aversion to churches that leave you feeling fearful. Mom made an interesting comment that made an impression on me. She said that if everyone in that church was as happy as John, she would join it. Happiness is God’s plan for us, not fear and sacrifice. Others are attracted to happiness and will want what we have.

You Are Essential To God’s Plan

3. You are indeed essential to God’s plan. ²Without your joy, His joy is incomplete. ³Without your smile, the world cannot be saved. ⁴While you are sad, the light that God Himself appointed as the means to save the world is dim and lusterless, and no one laughs because all laughter can but echo yours.

4. You are indeed essential to God’s plan. ²Just as your light increases every light that shines in Heaven, so your joy on earth calls to all minds to let their sorrows go, and take their place beside you in God’s plan. ³God’s messengers are joyous, and their joy heals sorrow and despair. ⁴They are the proof that God wills perfect happiness for all who will accept their Father’s gifts as theirs.

We are like the puzzle pieces in that box. The end picture is one of shining and joyful faces. Not one piece can be left out or the picture isn’t complete. And imagine the colorful and happy finished puzzle. Only this picture had scattered pieces that were dark and foreboding, pieces that didn’t fit with the rest. It wouldn’t in the end, show us the picture we were expecting and hoping for.

Like the pieces in that flawed puzzle, we seem like separate people, some happy, some sad. It seems that some people have good lives and others suffer through theirs. It appears as if there is not enough of what is needed for everyone. So, there are individuals scrambling about pushing and shoving to get what they need without concern for others. It is hard to be happy when living like that.


Now, what if you found a group of people who happily shared what they had. When you showed up, they smiled at you as if they were thrilled to meet a new friend and welcomed you with open arms. Suppose that these people laughed a lot and seemed genuinely joyful, and no matter what was going on around them remained at peace. Would you want what they had, or would you long for the suffering group you had left? Yeah, me, too. ~smile~

Joy Is Our Function

5. We will not let ourselves be sad today. ²For if we do, we fail to take the part that is essential to God’s plan, as well as to our vision. ³Sadness is the sign that you would play another part, instead of what has been assigned to you by God. ⁴Thus do you fail to show the world how great the happiness He wills for you. ⁵And so you do not recognize that it is yours.

6. Today we will attempt to understand joy is our function here. ²If you are sad, your part is unfulfilled, and all the world is thus deprived of joy, along with you. ³God asks you to be happy, so the world can see how much He loves His Son, and wills no sorrow rises to abate his joy; no fear besets him to disturb his peace. ⁴You are God’s messenger today. ⁵You bring His happiness to all you look upon; His peace to everyone who looks on you and sees His message in your happy face.

I want to be a teacher for God and I know that if my words and actions are not congruent, I won’t be a very good teacher. I teach that God loves us and that he wants us to be happy. If, on the other hand, I am clearly not happy then I won’t get the truth across because I won’t be living the truth. Most of the time I am happy and peaceful these days. However, I have had a challenge recently when my son was sick. In order to get my happy on, I had to let go of a few thoughts that were obstructing the truth.

I would feel fear rising up in me that my son might have something serious happening to his body. On top of that he had some other challenges at the same time. I kept going back to the Holy Spirit with my thoughts until I was ready to release them. Then I was given the thought that put a smile back on my face. The thought was that the only thing happening here is that he is waking up. Oh, yeah! Of course!

I Can Be Stubborn

Nearly every major shift I have experienced came after a challenging life situation. Jesus says we don’t have to suffer in order to wake up but we probably will. For a long time, this was true for me. I don’t know about you, but I can be stubborn. I would resist doing the little that Jesus asks of us until life became too painful. Then I would ask for help and get serious about my practice.

My son was just sitting in his classroom, doodling away, staring out the window. Then, his inattention caught up with him and he was given a difficult assignment with some strong motivation to complete it. LOL. I know the feeling. This doesn’t mean he knows that this is what is happening. For a long time, I didn’t understand that my problems were actually opportunities either.

Regardless of what he does with this opportunity, recognizing this situation for what it is helped me to pop back into reality. I started blessing him with the lessons we are doing. I reminded myself of his true identity. In this way, I became a help and I became happy again.

Prepare for the Day

7. We will prepare ourselves for this today, in our five-minute practice periods, by feeling happiness arise in us according to our Father’s Will and ours. ²Begin the exercises with the thought today’s idea contains. ³Then realize your part is to be happy. ⁴Only this is asked of you or anyone who wants to take his place among God’s messengers. ⁵Think what this means. ⁶You have indeed been wrong in your belief that sacrifice is asked. ⁷You but receive according to God’s plan, and never lose or sacrifice or die.

The only “sacrifice” I am asked to make is sadness, pain, and suffering. I am willing to do that. I want the joy that is mine by right, and I can have it because it is God’s Will that I do so. So, I happily enter into these short meditations knowing they are leading me to the truth.

Let This Be the Day

8. Now let us try to find that joy that proves to us and all the world God’s Will for us. ²It is your function that you find it here, and that you find it now. ³For this you came. ⁴Let this one be the day that you succeed! ⁵Look deep within you, undismayed by all the little thoughts and foolish goals you pass as you ascend to meet the Christ in you.

He Will Be There

9. He will be there. ²And you can reach Him now. ³What could you rather look upon in place of Him Who waits that you may look on Him? ⁴What little thought has power to hold you back? ⁵What foolish goal can keep you from success when He Who calls to you is God Himself?

10. He will be there. ²You are essential to His plan. ³You are His messenger today. ⁴And you must find what He would have you give. ⁵Do not forget the idea for today between your hourly practice periods. ⁶It is your Self Who calls to you today. ⁷And it is Him you answer, every time you tell yourself you are essential to God’s plan for the salvation of the world.

You know how I said that I can be stubborn? Well, that is my split mind, the part of the mind that is enamored with these stories and doesn’t want to give them up. But on the other hand, or rather on the other part of the mind, stubbornness is seen as determination. I am determined to let go of all that tempts me to anything other than joy, other than God. All day today, I will remember my purpose. And I look forward to each meditation in which I seek to find God within my mind.

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