ACIM Chapter 1. VII. Distortions of Miracle Impulses, P 3

ACIM Distortions of Miracles Impulses P 3. Fantasy is a distorted form of vision.

ACIM Distortions of Miracle Impulses, P 3. Fantasy is a distorted form of vision.

ACIM Distortions of Miracle Impulses, P 3

3 VII. Distortions of Miracle Impulses, P 3.

3 Fantasy is a distorted form of vision. Fantasies of any kind are distortions, because they always involve twisting perception into unreality. Actions that stem from distortions are literally the reactions of those who know not what they do. Fantasy is an attempt to control reality according to false needs. Twist reality in any way and you are perceiving destructively. Fantasies are a means of making false associations and attempting to obtain pleasure from them. But although you can perceive false associations, you can never make them real except to yourself. You believe in what you make. If you offer miracles, you will be equally strong in your belief in them. The strength of your conviction will then sustain the belief of the miracle receiver. Fantasies become totally unnecessary as the wholly satisfying nature of reality becomes apparent to both giver and receiver. Reality is “lost” through usurpation, which produces tyranny. As long as a single “slave” remains to walk the earth, your release is not complete. Complete restoration of the Sonship is the only goal of the miracle-minded.

Fantasy Life

Everyone in this fantasy life fantasizes. That is how we got here, and that is how we stay here. The moment we give up fantasy completely, the world as we know it ends. The way I am teaching myself to offer miracles instead of more illusions is to work with whatever thought is brought to my attention. One experience I had was with pain, which I have written about before.

I was having a lot of sciatica pain in my hip and leg that I associated with driving. Driving was a big part of my job. I drove about 1000 miles every week. I took medicine for the pain and went to chiropractors. Though I would get temporary relief, the pain would always come back. And it was getting worse and worse, to the point that I seriously considered quitting my job.

At the same time this was happening, I was also feeling the effects of working outside which was the other part of my job. The summers had been incredibly hot for two years. Between the heat and other hazards of my job, like discovering that I was standing in fire ants, dodging spiders and poison ivy, and hoping the mosquitos swarming around me were not carrying West Nile, I had convinced myself that I was a victim to this job.

Fantasy Problems, Fantasy Solutions

I fantasized the problem then I fantasized the solution. I would get a different job in which I would make good money but without all the drawbacks of this job. But, I had a hard time with this fantasy because I couldn’t imagine a job I would like and that would give me the income I had come to enjoy. My fantasy life was suffering from a lack of imagination on my part. ~smile~

When my imagination failed me, I fantasized about winning the lottery and never having to work again. I reasoned that this was a good fantasy as far as fantasies went. I could do all kinds of good with the money. And after all, I wouldn’t be wasteful or crazy with it. The implication, of course, was that my brother would be, and so I deserved it more than he. I could write and teach all the time, and that would be a better use of my time. The implication here is that I am here to teach, not to learn, and that I know where I need to be.

This even though Jesus tells us how little we know.

⁷I do not know the thing I am, and therefore do not know what I am doing, where I am, or how to look upon the world or on myself. (ACIM, T-31.V.17:7)

Seeing a Pattern

I’ve done this work too long to fool myself like this. I began to see the pattern in my fantasies; I am a victim of my story and need to write a better one. Or, as people say, “The ship is sinking. Quick, help me rearrange the deck chairs.” So, since I couldn’t think of a way to fantasize my way out of this without a story that did not lead me more deeply into the illusion, I finally surrendered the attempt. I asked the Holy Spirit to show me what He wanted me to do with this.

He brought me to Lesson 190, which tells me that pain is not real. I worked with this idea for months, using the pain in my leg to remind me of the truth that this pain is not real. This led me to realize that pain includes all forms, not just physical. Guilt can’t be real either, nor can fear. It is all a part of my fantasy of being separate from God.

As long as I believed in it and continued to attempt manipulation of the dream as a solution to the effects of my belief in separation, I was going to remain caught in this cycle of temporary relief and then more pain. The form may change, but the content remains the same. Working with Lesson 190 brought me startling results and caused a sea change in my thinking.

Cause and Effect Were Reversed

I began to realize that my pain and exhaustion and all my discomforts were not the cause of my discontent. They were the effects of my discontent. They were the out-picturing of my belief in pain, suffering, and death. Trying to change the way the effect looked was only keeping me in pain because the very act of trying to escape it was reinforcing my belief that pain is real. I learned that nothing God created caused pain, and so if I was experiencing pain of any kind, I was experiencing nothing. If God did not create it, I must have made it up. Thus, it was a fantasy.

That was the key to my salvation because it brought me to the cause, and so finally, I was able to effect real change. It was not an overnight change. I worked with this idea for many months. First, I had to overcome my resistance to the idea that I but did this to myself. Then I allowed myself to recognize the many ways I used the belief in pain to keep me from waking up. The scariest and so hardest realization I had to face was that I was using pain as a defense against God. This meant I had to look at my deep fear of God, which I had been steadfastly denying.

A Shift in Awareness

The outcome was a shift in awareness that also resulted in a shift in form. I no longer had that excruciating sciatica pain, and I no longer got to the hotel at night exhausted and shaky. I no longer thought of myself as a victim of my job and returned to being grateful for it. Nothing about my job had changed other than the way I saw it, and so experienced it.

Nothing about my job needed to change because the job was not my problem. My problem was my beliefs. Jesus tells us that there is nothing outside our minds, so the only thing we need to change is our minds. This change of mind is the miracle, and our changed experience is an outward picturing of an inward miracle.

So, I started out offering the Sonship more illusion as I got deeper and deeper into my belief in victimhood and my belief in pain, suffering, and death. I thought the solution would be to change my circumstances, so my prayer (wishes and thoughts) was for a change in jobs. Or better yet, a winning lottery ticket. I thought that would be the only reasonable solution because I was focused outward.

Only God Is Real

When I brought my focus inward to the source of the problem, the Holy Spirit showed me that I did not need a new job; I needed to learn that pain is not real. This meant that only God is real and God is not pain and suffering. This was the only thing worth learning and the only thing worth striving for. I had not even realized that I had strayed from my one unified purpose until I returned to it.

Finally, I was offering the Sonship truth instead of illusion. I was helping us all wake-up. Not one can be left behind because that one lost soul would make us incomplete, and wholeness is the condition of salvation. We are one. Fantasy of any kind creates more separation, and so imprisons the mind. Fantasizing about having no more problems is a prison. Learning to use my problems to discover the happy truth that I have no problems is my way out of prison.

Some Remaining Resistance

Today I still work with the idea of pain not being real, returning to different forms of that fantasy. I find I am resistant to giving it up completely, holding onto it in case I need it again. Strange, isn’t it? Why would I hold so tightly to that which hurts? But I will never again entirely believe in my pain, and so I find it easier to continue to do the work until my mind is completely healed. “Holy Spirit, I have been blinded by my fantasy. Thank you for giving me the vision that allows me to truly see.”

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