C 8: VI. The Treasure of God, P 6

VI. The Treasure of God, P 6

6 Your function is to add to God’s treasure by creating yours. His Will to you is His Will for you. He would not withhold creation from you because His joy is in it. You cannot find joy except as God does. His joy lay in creating you, and He extends His Fatherhood to you so that you can extend yourself as He did. You do not understand this because you do not understand Him. No one who does not accept his function can understand what it is, and no one can accept his function unless he knows what he is. Creation is the Will of God. His Will created you to create. Your will was not created separate from His, and so you must will as He wills.


God created me to add to creation through creating as He does. This is joy. I can’t know my function without knowing myself. So I cannot create unless I know what I am, and thus it is that I cannot be in joy unless I know what I am. So the question, “What am I?” is a good one. It is the only question, really. Once I know what I am, everything else falls into place.

I know I am not this body living in time and space. I am not bad or even foolish. I am not lost or afraid. I am not sad, not angry, not guilty. I am not going to live and then die. I am not suffering or in pain. But what am I? I am Spirit, the holy Son of God. But what does that mean? What does that feel like? Until I know that, these are just words.

In reading the last sentence, I know that my will is the same as God’s Will. Jesus does not say that I used to share the Will of God and now I have my own separate will. He doesn’t say that someday I will share the Will of God. It says that God shares His Will with me, therefore I must will as He does. This means that what I am experiencing now, a will separate from God, must be an illusion. It can only be that I am dreaming of an individual separate will, because I share the Will of God.

This would seem to mean that I do know what I am. I have that memory, and in fact, I am living in joy, living in God, right now. I can stop dreaming any time I want. I can wake up to my true existence, my memory fully restored, because it never went anywhere. If I have amnesia, it is only because I chose to forget, and therefore, I can choose to remember. And how could it be hard when reality has not been suspended while I dream; I am as I always have been.

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