C 6: V. C. Be Vigilant Only for God and His Kingdom, P 5

V. C. Be Vigilant Only for God and His Kingdom, P 5

5 Choosing through the Holy Spirit will lead you to the Kingdom. You create by your true being, but what you are you must learn to remember. The way to remember it is inherent in the third step, which brings together the lessons implied in the others, and goes beyond them towards real integration. If you allow yourself to have in your mind only what God put there, you are acknowledging your mind as God created it. Therefore, you are accepting it as it is. Since it is whole, you are teaching peace because you believe in it. The final step will still be taken for you by God, but by the third step the Holy Spirit has prepared you for God. He is getting you ready for the translation of having into being by the very nature of the steps you must take with Him.


May this day, all my choices be made through the Holy Spirit. I am running so late this morning that I thought I might skip this writing, but I set aside what I thought I should do and left my heart open to guidance. I would make no decisions on my own, make no plans without the Holy Spirit’s guidance. The ego doubts the Holy Spirit’s choice and feels nervous about the time. But I remember how often I thought I knew something and how wrong I was. I remember the times I turned to Spirit for guidance and I cannot remember a single time that I was misled.

I used to treasure the right to make choices. I felt uneasy and even resentful at the idea of surrendering that right. Now I notice the ego’s grumbling about it, but I feel relieved that I am no longer trying to make decisions based on the little bit I actually know and understand. I am peaceful to know that I am being led step by step to the remembrance of my true Self. I am exhilarated to see what unfolds without my interference.

Choice is the only freedom I have in this illusion. But there are not an unlimited number of things from which to choose. There are only two choices from which to pick; I can choose to live from the ego or choose to be lived by Spirit. I have made my choice. I will spend today protecting that choice. I am allowing the Holy Spirit to prepare me for God.

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