Manual for Teachers: Section 1: WHO ARE GOD’S TEACHERS? . . . . . . . page 3, paragraph 4

Section 1


page 3, paragraph 4




4. This is a manual for a special curriculum, intended for teachers of a special form of the universal course. 2There are many thousands of other forms, all with the same outcome. 3They merely save time. 4Yet it is time alone that winds on wearily, and the world is very tired now. 5It is old and worn and without hope. 6There was never a question of outcome, for what can change the Will of God? 7But time, with its illusions of change and death, wears out the world and all things in it. 8Yet time has an ending, and it is this that the teachers of God are appointed to bring about. 9For time is in their hands. 10Such was their choice, and it is given them.


So, to sum this section up, we are told this about being a teacher of God.

  1. Anyone who wants to can be a teacher of God.
  2. His qualifications consist solely in this; somehow, somewhere he has made a deliberate choice in which he did not see his interests as apart from someone else’s.
  3. He has entered an agreement with God to be a bringer of light, a bringer of salvation.
  4. His function is to save time, each one saving a thousand years of time.
  5. Each of God’s teachers is given a course, the theme of which is, “God’s Son is guiltless, and in his innocence is his salvation.”
  6. He teaches with actions or words or with thoughts.
  7. He has seen someone else as himself.
  8. There are many thousands of forms, all intended to save time. This manual is intended for teachers of A Course in Miracles.


As the introduction tells us, we all teach and we teach all the time. Our interest now is learning to be a teacher for God rather than for the ego. If one studies A Course in Miracles, then this is their purpose, to learn to hear only the Voice for God so that they only teach for God. There is no way to avoid teaching, so I made the commitment some time ago to be a teacher for God alone. I do my best to be true to that commitment.

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