Manual for Teachers: Section 4 WHAT ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS OF GOD’S TEACHERS? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VII: Generosity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 14 paragraph 2

Section 4


page 14, paragraph 2



VII. Generosity

2 The teacher of God is generous out of Self interest. 2This does not refer, however, to the self of which the world speaks. 3The teacher of God does not want anything he cannot give away, because he realizes it would be valueless to him by definition. 4What would he want it for? 5He could only lose because of it. 6He could not gain. 7Therefore he does not seek what only he could keep, because that is a guarantee of loss. 8He does not want to suffer. 9Why should he ensure himself pain? 10But he does want to keep for himself all things that are of God, and therefore for His Son. 11These are the things that belong to him. 12These he can give away in true generosity, protecting them forever for himself.

Giving Gifts

And now we get past the forms of love such as giving money and other material things. Yes, we can show love in this way, but the source of this love is what we value as teachers of God. Let me ask for what cannot be quantified by the world, that which is in the mind of God and therefore in my mind as well. Let me be aware that I have the truly valuable, love, peace, kindness, patience, trust, tolerance. I protect this awareness through giving them.


When I lose my awareness of the attributes of love that are mine, I simply bring them into awareness again. Sometimes it happens like this. Maybe I’m experiencing lack as not enough money. I never ask for more money. I ask that I might know my abundance. If I experience loneliness, I don’t ask for another body to be with me, but that I become aware of my connection to all beings. How could I be lonely then? If I am sick, I don’t ask that the body be healed, but that I know my perfect innocence.

Giving is Receiving

Another way I protect my knowing is to want for others what I temporarily lose sight of. Last night as I was laying in bed hoping sleep would come soon, I texted my son to see how he was doing. He mentioned that he had been sleepless for a couple of nights, a common problem for him. I immediately envisioned sleep finding him every night. I knew this must be true because suffering is never God’s Will. I saw him lying down in his comfy bed and drifting off into sweet dreams, and suddenly it was morning and I realized that in giving what I wanted, I received it.


All the things that really matter, the things that are real are already ours. They have been in our mind since creation and we can enjoy them if we choose to. All we need to do is place our awareness on what we want instead of what we dread or fear. And those things that matter cannot be lost through giving. I can give away money, and that money is gone, but the idea that sourced the money cannot be lost in the giving.

Ideas Remain

Ideas are not used up, and, in fact, they increase in the giving. And ideas leave not their source. So I can give and give the idea of abundance or even the effects of the belief in abundance and I as long as I trust in abundance, the idea will produce more effects as needed. Those who hold an awareness of God’s Love in them and as them, can, indeed, afford to be generous. In fact they could not be anything else.

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