C 1: I. Principles of Miracles, P 4

I. Principles of Miracles, P 4

4 All miracles mean life, and God is the Giver of life. His Voice will direct you very specifically. You will be told all you need to know.



Ok, this is one of my favorite principles. It is my experience that I am, indeed, being directed very specifically and told all I need to know. Since I started paying attention I am even more aware of this Voice. I don’t always discern directions but more often than not, I do. Sometimes I hear the direction and choose not to follow it. I don’t know why I do that because I always regret it. That Voice is for me, the instructions are always for my good.

I learned to listen first through writing. Keeping a journal while asking the Holy Spirit to guide my words set my intent and kept my attention focused long enough to get a clear answer. To do this, I had to get past the belief that only special people hear the Voice for God, and that I was not deserving of this communication.

I also had to let go of the belief that It came and went and that sometimes for some strange reason It was quiet. The Holy Spirit told me that He speaks to me all through the day as the lesson says, and that it is I who fail to listen at times. I also had to let go of my expectations of what It would sound like or rather how I would experience this Voice. For me it is a thought that comes through the mind but not from the mind, a thought Myron would not have had. Sometimes I go back and read His message from a past journaling and it is like I am reading it for the first time.

Reading NTI and the Inner Ramana has helped me to practice focusing my attention on that Voice rather than on the ego voice, to let go of self will so I could embrace the Will of God that is my true will. Now I listen to the ego less and recognize it more quickly. The best change is that I don’t usually get upset when I am aware of the ego voice, don’t think it means anything. I just ask that the Holy Spirit heal that thought in the mind.

I am going into detail about my experience about learning to hear the Voice for God and learning that I want to follow Its direction knowing it always wants only my good, because I want everyone to know that this is available to you whenever you are ready for it. Everyone can hear this Voice and everyone is meant to, though it may come to you in a different way. Maybe you will experience it as an image or an intuition, or symbols, or merely an idea of inspiration.

We are given this Helper because God wants us to return to our Self. God wants us to live and what we are experiencing now is not life. We pretend to be born and we pretend to live, then we pretend to die. All the while Life continues unabated and death is a strange concept that is unknown to Life. But while we are caught up in our stories of separation Life continues outside our awareness, and so we suffer an imaginary but painful separation from our Father. We don’t have to, and it is this Helper, this Voice for God, that will direct us very specifically to gently undo what we have done so we can return Home.

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  1. Hello, Myron, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve deleted my Facebook account…it had become an addiction. I would like to stay in touch, however, and am committed to ACIM. I do have a question: the notations in the daily lessons include some numbered, reference annotations…do you know where I can find the corresponding footnotes in the book? Thank you, in advance, I’m grateful to you for all that you do!

    1. Haley, are you reading your lessons from the Original Edition? I am reading from the FIP and I don’t see numbered reference annotations. I must have given my original edition away because I couldn’t find it. I’ll ask around and get back to you.

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