C 1: I. Principles of Miracles, P 17

I. Principles of Miracles, P 17

17 Miracles transcend the body. They are sudden shifts into invisibility, away from the bodily level. That is why they heal.


Nothing happens within the illusion. Nothing is improved, nothing is made worse, nothing is done at all. This is just a script being played out. There is no Myron outside this story. I am not that. What I am is the writer of this interesting story. We can learn to step back in our minds and experience our self watching the story, and I think, learning from it, maybe enjoying it.

My experience, so far, is that I both feel the story taking place as if I were in it, and sometimes I also feel myself watching the story taking place. Even without that shift in awareness I don’t ever completely forget what is actually happening. I wonder if the miracle will transform that experience further?

The miracle heals because it occurs outside the world and the body. It comes from our true self, not from within the illusion. This means the miracle happens in reality and so has actual affects. It is easy to believe that we are all movers and shakers here in our pretend world, but that’s not happening. We are movers and shakers and incredibly powerful Beings, but who we are is in that invisibility, that “place” that is away from the bodily level. To experience the miracle we need only agree to it, to choose it.

From within the body and the worldly experience that is our job. The more I can stand back and allow myself to be lived rather than trying to control life, the happier and more peaceful I am. But I am like a puppet with a mind of its own that keeps trying to walk off and do its own thing independent of the puppeteer. All I do is tangle up the strings and trip all over myself. I get up determined to pretend that I am in control and do it all over again. Really, all I need to do to succeed in getting where I want to go is to stop resisting the puppeteer, but I have convinced myself that I can work my own strings without help. Silly puppet.

It is not a matter of trying to make the illusion better, but rather it is about remembering who I am so that I will experience the illusion differently. Yes, the illusion seems to respond to this quickening of my more awakened self, but the minute I start thinking, “OK, now I am going to increase my profits or heal this body,” I fall headlong back into the illusion and I am no longer in the realm of miracles, but back in la la land trying to convince myself that my Avatar is my real self and it is in control and making things happen.

It’s the difference between wishing and willing. From within the illusion if I decide I want something to be different, I am wishing and sometimes my wishes come true. I live a story to explain the process, doing this and doing that and then taking credit for the result. Sometimes, no matter what I do the wish is not fulfilled because … well, because it is just a wish and a wish has no power.

If I recognize that what is happening in the story cannot be part of truth and I desire truth, not to change the illusion, but for the sake of truth, and for love’s sake, that desire is answered with a miracle. This is willing and it proceeds from conviction and so is always answered, and always creates true change. The illusion may or may not change, but the mind has changed and this makes all the difference, and is all that matters.

I’ve noticed that I still become fixated on the illusion sometimes and want desperately to fix it, but that won’t work because change does not come from within the system. What is it that holds the illusion together, that is the glue that keeps the whole thing from falling apart? It’s judgment, right? So if I think there is something wrong with what is happening in the world, then I have just applied more judgment glue to the illusion and that is clearly not the way to undo it, and undoing the ego is the only solution to the problem.

From outside the system there is no belief in the illusion so why would there be a desire to fix it. It is the confusion within the mind that needs to be fixed. Yes, I still take my eye off the ball and get distracted thinking that the illusion needs my attention and that I could be happy here if I just fix this or that, but then I stop wasting my time and return my attention to the only thing that needs changing; that is my mind.

That is something that is done simply by asking, and then accepting the answer. As the confusion is cleared, the mind is healed, the ego is undone, and life is seen as the game it is until we tire of it, and then off we go to do whatever unlimited powerful and creative Beings like us do.

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