C 1: I. Principles of Miracles, P 16

I. Principles of Miracles, P 16

16 Miracles are teaching devices for demonstrating that it is as blessed to give as to receive. They simultaneously increase the strength of the giver and supply strength to the receiver.


Miracles are teaching devices. I almost missed the importance of that first statement. Miracles are not a way to get well quick, or supply some other imagined need, though the effect of the miracle often seems to do just this. If miracles were for the sole purpose of making an illusion better, they would be just another part of the illusion, another ego manipulation of something that doesn’t exist.

No, the purpose of miracles is not to encourage the idea that the illusion is real and has some value, but to teach us that the illusion does nothing. Through miracles, which are a change of mind, a new way of thinking, and, ultimately, reveal our supremacy over the world, the miracle teaches us of who we truly are. Each miracle reminds us that we are not of the world, that we are not affected by the world, that the world does not do anything to us.

We are the makers of the world. The world is of us, the world is affected by us, and we do to the world what is done. Thus what has no innate value becomes a valuable teaching aid as the miracle reminds us of our true nature, and we begin to awaken to that glorious truth.

Through miracles we also learn that giving is receiving. This has been a slow transformation in my mind. I liked the idea; I thought the idea had merit; I thought I believed the idea; and at some point I realized that I knew that giving is receiving. Miracles had opened my eyes to that simple truth that I cannot give anything of true value without receiving, and I cannot receive without giving.

This understanding changes everything, of course. I hear my student express doubt and uncertainty and I smile to myself knowing this is just a temporary confusion on his part, knowing with absolute certainty and no doubt that this confusion will be blown away like smoke in a breeze and the Divinity he is will be exposed. My belief in him heals his mind and strengthens that belief in my own mind. In the miracle of healing we are both healed and both strengthened.

Does this change the illusion, change our stories? Oh yes! In many ways the story changes as our perception changes, as we bring into our story elements that reflect the change in mind. Time is collapsed and what is no longer needed to accomplish our goals for this lifetime fall away. What would once have brought up fear or anger will be seen as nothing and will be accepted fully and without resistance, and so will pass easily and quickly.

The story of the world, instead of being deadly serious, becomes our playground, a place to express our creative nature, fun and interesting, but certainly not anything to take seriously. Miracles become a way of life, an everyday occurrence as they are meant to be. The world will show itself as the happy dream it was intended to be before guilt and fear distorted it. Through our use of miracles we will join and join until we no longer see any separation between us, and as full memory of our true nature returns to us, we will remember to laugh at this tiny mad idea.

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