NTI Matthew 15: Making Choices


NTI Matthew 15: 1-9 You want to know if it is right that you do this or if it would be better that you do that. I say do what you choose in peace and in purpose, and I will use what you do. 

This says clearly what I have come to believe and to try to live by. I often tell someone who is in conflict about which way to go that it doesn’t matter what they do here, because the Holy Spirit will meet them where ever they are. This statement from Matthew says it more clearly than I did and so I appreciate it very much. 

I have spent a lot of time trying to make the “right” choice. This effort has caused me to become anxious and fearful, and this explains why the ego mind tries very hard to keep me mired in this obstructive behavior. As long as I am distracted by an infinite number of choices and am unable to make a choice because it might be wrong, the ego feels safe. In my distraction with choices I am unlikely to look closely at the thought system that put me in this untenable situation. Uncertainty about what to choose also causes doubt and uncertainty about my self which is another goal of the ego.

My way out of this is to recognize that there is another way to choose. Instead of listening to all of the ego stories about where this choice leads, and where that one leads, I turn my ear from the ego and ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit. Then without further consideration I do what comes to me to do. I don’t allow the ego to second guess it. I don’t even allow myself to wonder if I made the right choice. That leads me right back into the ego trap. 

Instead I just do what I think to do and know that the Holy Spirit is there, working with me exactly where I am. This is an illusory life I think I am living, a dream that will disappear like smoke on a windy day. What difference does it really make what I do. The only thing that matters is that I be willing to listen to the Voice for God and allow Him to use what I do to bring me home.

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