NTI Mark 12:41-44: Submitting to God

In her teaching of NTI Mark 12: 41-44, Regina Dawn Akers wrote:
“Note: I realized this is what the woman who gave two copper coinsimg_0618
symbolizes. She submitted completely to God, keeping nothing for
herself. This is the symbol of us submitting so that we direct none
of our own thoughts, but allow all of our thoughts to be directed by

This jumped out at me because this morning as I journaled A Course in Miracles(ACIM), Lesson 360, I was guided to give all my thoughts to be directed by God so that I might experience true peace as opposed to the false peace of ego. To experience the peace of God, I must be willing to let go of the

desire to direct my own life and to be my own creator. After spending the last several years examining my mis-creation I feel ready to admit that I no longer see value in keeping it.

As a result of this decision I am becoming aware of my remaining desire to hold onto the body/mind that represents my choice to be my own creator. I notice how many thoughts in even a few moments of time are an attempt to direct my life and so to hold onto my little self.


But now that I am aware of what is happening I don’t feel the frustration and confusion I used to feel. I just see what is happening and ask for correction. I know that there are probably
thousands of thoughts that will get past me, but it doesn’t matter. It only matters what I do with the ones I notice, and that I am willing to notice as many as is helpful. 


Regina’s reminder of the woman who submitted completely to God was perfectly timed for me. God does not ask me to do anything I don’t want to do, but He offers me the chance to submit completely and I want to respond to His offer. As soon as I said that, the ego starts listing the stuff I would have to give up. If I am tempted to see any sacrifice in full submission then I give that thought to the Holy Spirit as well.

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