Manual for Teachers: Section 18 . . HOW IS CORRECTION MADE? . . . . . . . page 47 paragraph 3

Section 18


page 47, paragraph 3




3. Anger but screeches, “Guilt is real!” ²Reality is blotted out as this insane belief is taken as replacement for God’s Word. ³The body’s eyes now “see”; its ears alone can “hear.” ⁴Its little space and tiny breath become the measure of reality. ⁵And truth becomes diminutive and meaningless. ⁶Correction has one answer to all this, and to the world that rests on this:

⁷You but mistake interpretation for the truth. ⁸And you are wrong. ⁹But a mistake is not a sin, nor has reality been taken from its throne by your mistakes. ¹⁰God reigns forever, and His laws alone prevail upon you and upon the world. ¹¹His Love remains the only thing there is. ¹²Fear is illusion, for you are like Him.

(ACIM, M-18.3:1-12)

Miracle Characteristics

What clever and powerful beings we are. We have diminished All That Is to the bit that can be seen and heard, analyzed, and categorized. Even that was not enough. We decide how much of what is left available we will accept into our little personal worlds. While reading about a miracle cure, I was not even surprised when the doctors denied the miracle. They said this person is not healed because it is not possible. Just because we can’t find cancer doesn’t mean it’s not there, they said.

Given absolute proof that the world does not fit into the tenets of their texts, they simply refuse to see it, and so for them, it does not exist. “Here, take some more medicine. Do it quickly before this so-called miracle of yours destroys everything I think I know,” I imagine them saying.

Miracle Acceptance

I am not without sympathy as I do the same thing every day. I am offered miracle after miracle. So often, I turn away quickly, before What Is can intrude upon my closed mind and expose my illusion to the light of truth. I wonder if some of those doctors lay awake at night. Are they uneasy with the possibilities that hover just outside their willingness to see? I wonder about them because I have seen the light. And though I allow in only a small beam of that light, it is enough to make total ignorance impossible. Beside the fear of seeing, there also lies a great longing in me to see more.

Miracle Instruments

Here is truly a cosmic joke on the grandest scale imaginable. There is so much that we think we know. We think we have proven it to be true with our most advanced instruments. And yet, it is just an interpretation, and that interpretation is wrong. Even the instruments that prove our error is truth are part of the same illusion.

Illusion Integrity?

What if you looked up into the sky today and there were two suns? Can you imagine the feeling? Can you imagine how frightening it would be to discover that everything you thought you knew about your world was wrong? We live a very fragile illusion that we are desperate to hold together. We cannot afford miracles. They could destroy everything and leave us with nothing. So says the ego-mind. This is why we stand on the edge of Awakening, and yet refuse to take that last step even though we could easily do so.

God’s Love

God is Love, though, and is not fear. He does not terrorize His Children. So He sends us Help and waits patiently. Time is nothing to Him, but to us, it is an endless expanse of suffering. How we will laugh when we finally realize that we stood in paradise, eyes, and minds tightly closed against it, and dreamed of hell.
Thank you, God, that our dream is just a dream, and that I did not create myself. Thank you that reality remains unaffected by illusion. And thank you that I am wrong and Love remains the only thing that is true. Thank you for the Gentle Guide You sent to direct my steps and comfort me in my fear and hesitation. I love you, God, and I miss you. I think I’m nearly ready to open my eyes.

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