Manual for Teachers: Section 16 . . HOW SHOULD THE TEACHER OF GOD SPEND HIS DAY? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 42 paragraph 8

Section 16


page 42, paragraph 8




8. Yet there will be temptations along the way the teacher of God has yet to travel, and he has need of reminding himself throughout the day of his protection. ²How can he do this, particularly during the time when his mind is occupied with external things? ³He can but try, and his success depends on his conviction that he will succeed. ⁴He must be sure success is not of him, but will be given him at any time, in any place and circumstance he calls for it. ⁵There are times his certainty will waver, and the instant this occurs he will return to earlier attempts to place reliance on himself alone. ⁶Forget not this is magic, and magic is a sorry substitute for true assistance. ⁷It is not good enough for God’s teacher, because it is not enough for God’s Son. (ACIM, M-16.8:1-7)


The following is from a past entry in my journal. It occurred several years ago when I was still working. It was a perfect description of how to protect my mind from dark thoughts and so I am keeping it here.


Yesterday was another good day, another day of relying on my sure protection. When I was tempted to fall into ego doubts and fears I chose instead to remember the truth. I did this quickly before it became difficult. It is so easy that it’s hard to describe the process.


I was at a workshop getting continuing education hours for my certifications. I knew many of the other people there and in fact many of them were customers. There was a man who I had hoped to make a customer and I noticed that I felt some resentment that he was so resistant to my efforts. I also noticed that it was a fleeting thought with little emotion attached to it. It was almost like a memory of something I used to feel. But I called on my protection anyway.

This was not like a formal prayer, but if it were it would have been like this. “God, remind me of who I am and who he is. Here are all the thoughts that block the love that would flow between us. I gladly release them.”

Protection Received

There was a man who used to be my customer. In the past there have been lots of feelings that roiled around in me when I thought of him. This time I had a memory of some of that, but I didn’t stay with it. I immediately called on my protection because I am not at all confused about what matters. I will be glad to have his business back and I will be glad if I don’t get it back. What matters to me is that I don’t feel resentment toward anyone involved. I don’t wish for anything. I had a brief chat with him and there was no discomfort in it for me because I was at peace.

There were two people there who have not in the past been very friendly to me. I noticed a familiar defensiveness in me and called on my protection. I just let it flow over me and through me. There really is nothing to do except to desire peace and desire the extension of love. I experienced this flow of love returning to me all during the day. It really felt like I was being enfolded in kindness.

When I was tempted to revisit old resentments or anxieties, simply desiring to return to peace was all that was needed. I didn’t have to think of ways to repair relationships because I didn’t have to defend myself even in my own mind, to make excuses or make the other person wrong. I didn’t use those flimsy excuses for protection, and when tempted by them, made a different choice.


Holy Spirit, I want today to be another day of peace. I know that I have a lot more experience with projection, defensiveness, blame, fear and guilt than I do with choosing peace, so I will need help. When I am tempted to self-defense, please help me to remember where my protection lies. It will be a quiet day with few distractions because I have the day off. This means I will be alone with my thoughts. Honestly, that’s a little scary. I am willing to be vigilant for all magical attempts to protect myself from my own thoughts. It is my will to remember what it is like to be the Son of God who is perfectly protected and perfectly joyful. I accept Your invitation to practice silence and I am willing. I am pretty excited to think of the opportunities today. Thank you.

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