Manual for Teachers: Section 16 . . HOW SHOULD THE TEACHER OF GOD SPEND HIS DAY? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 41 paragraph 6

Section 16


page 41, paragraph 6




6.There is one thought in particular that should be remembered throughout the day. ²It is a thought of pure joy; a thought of peace, a thought of limitless release, limitless because all things are freed within it. ³You think you made a place of safety for yourself. ⁴You think you made a power that can save you from all the fearful things you see in dreams. ⁵It is not so. ⁶Your safety lies not there. ⁷What you give up is merely the illusion of protecting illusions. ⁸And it is this you fear, and only this. ⁹How foolish to be so afraid of nothing! ¹⁰Nothing at all! ¹¹Your defenses will not work, but you are not in danger. ¹²You have no need of them. ¹³Recognize this, and they will disappear. ¹⁴And only then will you accept your real protection. (ACIM, M-16.6:1-14)

This is something I wrote 10 years ago. I’m leaving it as is because of the message I received in answer to my question.


I am very comfortable with the idea of undoing the ego. I have spent the last 30 years learning what the ego is and practicing the processes to let it go.  I’ve learned to be vigilant for my thoughts and I’ve learned to move through fear more quickly. While fear is very uncomfortable it can’t really hurt me. I’ve learned that while I may still be resistant to releasing certain beliefs, there is no false belief worth keeping and none that I must keep or will keep. But when Jesus says to spend time during the day thinking of joy and peace and unlimited release, I am flummoxed.

Unexpected Joy

Sometimes I am truly joyful. It bubbles up from some source I am not in touch with most of the time. It overflows and engulfs me in happiness and peace. There is no reason for it, no story that explains it. I don’t do anything to make it happen, there is no word or action on my part that allows this wonderful feeling. As it happens I am incredibly grateful, but I don’t know what Jesus means when he says that I should remember thoughts of pure joy.

Conversation: Holy

Holy Spirit: Precious, precious, One. Holy child of God. There is nothing for you to do. Let the thought of joy be in your mind. That is all, just let it be there. If you are not actively engaged in thinking of sad, fearful, guilty thoughts, then the only thought that will be there is one of joy, peace and freedom.

If you will stop pushing against your life, you will notice what a happy life it is. You are living the life you want to live, and all the while pretending that you have somehow been forced into this place. As if the Son of God could be any place He has not chosen. This is the thought from which you must awaken.

Your life is exactly the experience you have chosen, and you are perfectly safe while you dream it. Before you can wake up from the dream, you need to wake up from the belief that you are being held prisoner within this illusion and that you suffer this illusion. The question is not how to be joyful and how to be at peace, but rather how it is that you continually catapult yourself out of peace and joy.


Holy Spirit, I feel the answer in my mind and know that it is guilt. I also feel You are the solution and I am very happy to report I am not nearly as afraid of letting go of the guilt. I no longer believe that the guilt is caused by things I have done wrong.

Guilt comes from the mistaken idea that I have changed my nature and am now separate from God, not connected to Him, not in Him. This is something else I don’t completely believe anymore.

I open my mind to You and I ask You to please heal the belief that I could be less than what I am, and that God is something He is not. Thank you so much. I feel the joy rising in me again as I remember that I don’t need the world to be the place I hide from God. Please, today show me what you would have it be to me.

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