Lesson 6 Only Through Feeling Do You Awaken

Feel what you have created as a substitute for the truth. Own it, look upon it, and then let it go.

What I learned
I practiced feeling yesterday, or rather I practiced noticing when I was trying to cut off the feeling and changing my mind. I see that I was equating peace with no feeling and trying to make myself peaceful. Like Love peace is not something I make. It is something I allow.

I also realized that fear binds me to the world, and fear of feeling is no different. If I am afraid of my feelings I am teaching myself that I am what I am not. What I teach myself is not discreet. If I am less than Christ in this way, I am less than Christ in all ways.

I want to experience myself as a body-mind. That is why I am here. I open to the total experience which is one of feelings. I step out of denial, out of fear, and own all that I have created. Then I decide what I would keep and what I would release.

Jeshua says: “All your experience will have become wholly acceptable to you. For it was by such experience that you were finally driven to want only the Truth.” And so I am newly determined to stop blocking my path to the Truth by blocking my feelings.

In the Way of the Heart, we will speak ever more directly and even more forcefully to you. For the time comes quickly when this planet will not be willing to tolerate untidy house guest that are not willing to vibrate at the frequency of being toward which the planet herself is preparing to move. Therefore, be not caught by coming home one day and discovering the landlord has changed the locks and you have not a place to rest your head.

What I learned
Jeshua makes it clear in The Way of Mastery that I have misunderstood the way “the world” is used. The world is my experience. This is created by me. Mother Earth and all universes was created through God and is of the same substance as am I. It “evolves” as do I. There is a place in the Course that speaks of Us creating the universe alongside God, but I cannot remember where that is. I wonder if someone else does.

There is a Jeshua CD that goes into more detail about the coming earth changes and is very interesting. It speaks of great upheavals in the earth itself as it makes these changes and I am reminded of the upheavals within myself as I am laying aside my ego thinking and am learning to accept knowing instead.

I was listening to The New Earth yesterday and Eckart Tolle mentioned the coming upheavals of the earth. He said that they have already begun. I think he must be referring to the hurricanes, tsunami, strange weather patterns, etc. Jeshua says that the more of us who move into peace the less difficult this stage will be.

All quotes are used by kind permission of the Shanti Christo Foundation. To buy a copy of this profound book visit their website at www.shantichristo.com. I invite your thoughts and comments.

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