Lesson 30

Lesson 30

God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.

The idea for today is the springboard for vision. From this idea will the world open up before you, and you will look upon it and see in it what you have never seen before. Nor will what you saw before be even faintly visible to you.

Today we are trying to use a new kind of “projection.” We are not attempting to get rid of what we do not like by seeing it outside. Instead, we are trying to see in the world what is in our minds, and what we want to recognize is there. Thus, we are trying to join with what we see, rather than keeping it apart from us. That is the fundamental difference between vision and the way you see.

Today’s idea should be applied as often as possible throughout the day. Whenever you have a moment or so, repeat it to yourself slowly, looking about you, and trying to realize that the idea applies to everything you do see now, or could see now if it were within the range of your sight.

Real vision is not limited to concepts such as “near” and “far.” To help you begin to get used to this idea, try to think of things beyond your present range as well as those you can actually see, as you apply today’s idea.

Real vision is not only unlimited by space and distance, but it does not depend on the body’s eyes at all. The mind is its only source. To aid in helping you to become more accustomed to this idea as well, devote several practice periods to applying today’s idea with your eyes closed, using whatever subjects come to mind, and looking within rather than without. Today’s idea applies equally to both.


“Today we are trying to use a new kind of “projection.” We are not attempting to get rid of what we do not like by seeing it outside. Instead, we are trying to see in the world what is in our minds, and what we want to recognize is there. Thus, we are trying to join with what we see, rather than keeping it apart from us. That is the fundamental difference between vision and the way you see.”

Our mind is split, that’s for sure. We have in our mind the idea of separation that we call ego. We think we want to be special in a way that is different from God and from each other. We think we want something God has not given us. On the other hand, we don’t want the inevitable results of that thought, the anger and fear, the guilt, the pain and suffering and death. We think to solve this problem by projecting the unwanted parts of our separation idea and see them as being outside our mind where we pretend they have nothing to do with us. This projection is the world we see.

We made the body’s eyes for the purpose of obscuring the truth. We use them to make images of the untrue thoughts in our mind and then “seeing” them projected outward, we can convince ourselves that this ugliness is not in us but in others, in the world. We have done this for so long that we now believe our eyes so completely that we never question what they show us. We simply believe it because we see it. But just because we have believed something to be true for a long time does not make it true. It just makes us deluded.

We would be trapped in this hell of our own making if that were the only thing in our mind, but it is not. We have another Idea in our mind. It is the Idea of God and as we do this study and this practice, this Idea grows brighter and stronger and begins to make itself known because it is our will that this happen. Now we begin to see images that represent this Idea being projected outward, not to be rid of It, but to see It. It is our growing will to see that part of our mind in order to encourage recognition that God is in our mind.

We have buried the truth under illusions for so long we can barely recall the real thing.  All this work that we do, all the lessons and the practice and the processes are uncovering our true nature, and as we project what we find there we experience vision. This is a seeing that does not involve the eyes, though we do see images more representative of this thinking. It is a knowing that is not found in the brain though we may process the knowing in that way so it is understandable to us while we are here. What we inevitably come to accept is that the whole world we see with our eyes does not exist at all.

We have been very slowly evolving in this direction, but with the celestial speed-up that is occurring at this time, some of us have begun to consciously undo the world we made. We do this as we look at specific images and question them. We question that suffering and death are inevitable. We question that attack is necessary and effective. We question that fear protects us and that grievances are unavoidable. We question it with the Holy Spirit and then we let these thoughts go. We are uncovering our true self, and as we do so, we project what we find and see how that looks.

My experience of this has turned the world upside down. At first, it was disconcerting and I wasn’t sure this whole thing was a good idea. But I was compelled to continue and now when I look back on the world as I used to see it, I can hardly believe the difference. I used to live in a very scary world, a world without many redeeming qualities, and a world that was crushing the joy right out of me. That world is mostly gone now, not altogether yet, but enough of it is gone that I have peace and joy more than not. God is not in everything I see yet, but It will be because now I never doubt that God is in my mind and what I see and experience comes from my mind.

Past Entries

Earlier lessons have told us that everything we presently see with our eyes is meaningless and that the thoughts we think we think are meaningless. He puts it together for us by saying that what we see as our world are images we made from our thoughts. If our thoughts are meaningless, and the world is an image of our thoughts, then we are going to see a meaningless world, and the meaninglessness of that world is going to trigger fear in us.

Jesus then reassures us that God did not create a meaningless world. Thank goodness for that, because it means there is something real for us to see, and he is now helping us to see anew. Jesus wants us to know that we have God in our mind and so we can make images from that part of our mind just as easily as we have made images from the ego mind. We can learn a new way to project, doing so from our right mind, making a more loving world. Instead of projecting what we don’t want from our mind in an effort to rid ourselves of it, we will project what we want to keep so that we can join with it.

Will I project fear or love?

I still believe in fear, which is an effect of the ego mind. So I sometimes still make images that represent fear and see them with the body’s eyes. If I accept the situation as being real then I reinforce my belief in fear and so make more fearful images. An example happened while I was still working. Someone I know got laid off from work. Here is what I wrote about it.

It came as a surprise because he is very good at his job and it seemed to me his job is essential to his company. Never the less, I reassured him that he would get another job really quickly because of his skill set and experience. When other people started commenting to me about it they expressed their fearful thoughts and their reasoning seemed valid. I began to doubt.

When doubt came into my mind, my fear was triggered. Most of the time, while I may have issues with my job, I seldom think of it as endangered. I see myself as valuable to the company and think of my job as secure. But if this guy could get laid off it could happen to me. I don’t have the same skill set he does and I am a lot older.

Soon my mind is filled with fear thoughts, not just about my job but other things as well. Fear is a virus that spreads quickly. The form the fear takes is not important. What if I lose my job, and what if I get cancer, and what if my child dies are all an effect of the same belief. They are just different images of the belief in fear.

So my original thoughts that this young man was fine, that he would quickly get another job, that this could be a very exciting time for him as his horizons expanded in a new way, these thoughts represent the God in my mind. They are images of love. But because I have not yet mastered my own mind, and still get drawn to the dark side, it didn’t take a lot to trigger the fear reaction.

On the other hand, because I have been practicing, and because the desire to be free of ego has awakened in me, I saw what was happening and I released it to the Holy Spirit. The ego mind keeps trying to entice me to return to fear and to make an image of that fear as Myron worried and anxious, and I keep releasing this idea to the Holy Spirit. It is all good practice and returning to the light in my mind reinforces my desire to do so.

Another thought that occurred to me in this situation is that I really want to be careful what I teach. In my moments of fear, I had a strong desire to talk about it with people, but I remembered how I felt when others expressed their fears about our friend losing his job. They were teaching fear and I was tempted to believe it. We are all teachers and we teach continuously. I want to be a teacher of Love, not a teacher of fear.

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