Lesson 3: Awakening Requires Vigilance and Discipline Part 3



My God! This is my life!
This is my pathway home! 
And I am going to live it!

What I learned
I had to comment on this part before I went on. Jeshua is encouraging me to embrace my life fully recognizing that it is the individual moments of my life that provide me with all I need to return home. When I first began to study ACIM (A Course in Miracles) I misunderstood it in some ways. I thought that because God did not create the body and the world that they were worthless and I felt a need to distance myself from them. If I was sick I would think that I couldn’t be sick because I am not a body. It was denial pure and simple, and yet I couldn’t see any other way to think that was not fully ego. This is what happens when I ask the ego how to overcome the ego. It makes the answer complex and confusing so that I quit asking.

I did finally begin to understand that I may not be the body, but certainly I experience myself as a body. It was a horrible mistake and one which brought me shame and fear. I wanted desperately to experience myself differently. This led to more denial. I admitted to the experience, but I refused to look at the power behind the creation. Again, I was trying to distance myself from the error.

I am now learning to accept full responsibility and to embrace all that I am including all my creations. The body-mind-separation thought is not in alignment with God Thoughts and so are not real. They are not eternal and they are not perfect. I will let them go, but while I am still experiencing them I will use them. This world I made is a perfect classroom for returning my mind to God. I am learning to appreciate it and not disparage it. This body is a wonderful tool and points me to those thoughts which need healing as it reflects through sickness mistaken ideas. 

There is no way to heal except through love. I cannot hate myself enough to heal myself. I practice daily embracing and loving all of myself and that includes what I have made in time. The power that made this is the power I will use to change my mind. If I refuse to accept what I did I am refusing to accept the power that did it and so refusing to accept the power that will undo it. Embracing and loving myself and others and all we have made is the way I am stepping out of judgment.



All quotes are used by kind permission of the Shanti Christo Foundation. To buy a copy of this profound book visit their website at www.shantichristo.com. I invite your thoughts and comments.

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