TWM: Lesson 2: What You Perceive is Communicated Always


You are an infinite focus of consciousness. Your very sense of existence is nothing more than a feedback loop or feedback mechanism, so that you can witness the effects of the choices you are making in the very deep, deep depth of your mind that rests right alongside the Mind of God.

What I am learning from this lesson
My sense of existence is that I am a body living in a certain place on this planet in this Universe. Here I am. When I thought that this was all I was, I thought everything that did and did not happen to me was important in and of its self. I thought that it really mattered if I got married or had kids or got a good job and made lots of money. Now that I understand that this sense of existence is just a symbol and not real, I can see that its only purpose is to feed back to me in a visual way exactly what I am thinking.

So, who is this “I” who is watching the body mind, using it to understand the effects of the choices being made? Who is making the choices? It is not Myron, the body mind with whom I have become so identified. My mind is not in that body. In fact that body, that out picturing of a thought, is in my mind. And my mind rests alongside the Mind of God. I apparently exist as mind and this body is a thought or an idea in that mind. Everything I say or do or think reveals what I have allowed to make a home in my mind. Am I sick? Then I must have allowed the idea of sickness, of lack, to make a home in my mind. Sickness is merely the effect of that thought.


(I am revisiting this thought, and I think it would be more accurate to say that I am sick because I am attached to an idea in the mind. Or maybe even sickness is possible because there is in the mind, the belief in sickness. While I have experienced sickness as identifiable with the mistaken thought that came before it, I don’t think sickness is necessarily personal to the person who is sick. Some people who are awakened have experienced their bodies as sick and yet they don’t attach to this, don’t seem to care or use the sickness as a teaching device.)

I am pure Spirit, undefiled and unaffected by anything or anyone. I am given full power to choose and, therefore, to create my experience as I would have it be.

What I am learning from this lesson
I have been identifying with the effect – the body mind. I am actually the cause – Spirit. The egoic part of the mind that I have spent so many years identifying with is actually just a very small part of the mind. This is taking some getting used to and I have been schooling myself to think of “I” in a different way. When I identify myself with the egoic “I” I am making myself feel very small, and very vulnerable. As I have become more vigilant for signs that I am thinking of myself as ego I have been learning to let go of that false sense of identity and to see myself as the creator of the ego.

The result of this change in identity is that I have learned to see myself as responsible for everything in my life. As Jeshua says on page 13, “No great force in the universe has made this perception well up within my consciousness. I have selected it,” and “Every aspect of the life you live is the symbol of what you have chosen to experience and, and therefore, to convey throughout creation.” I am learning that I am a creator always.

This is a radical change in the way I have seen the world for most of my life. What will it cost me to be made in the image of God, to be a creator as He is a creator? I will have to give up all excuses for those things in my life I don’t like. God didn’t send me a cold so that I could learn a lesson. It is not my customer’s fault because they keep breathing germs on me. I don’t have relationship problems because I was raised in a dysfunctional family. There go all my excuses down the drain. All I am left with are the results of what I chose to hold in my mind and to believe in. And when I accept the truth and change my mind, all I am left with is wholeness, peace, bliss.

Here is something that helped me as I was doing this section. I wrote down some of the effects of my thoughts that I see made manifest in my life everyday. Then I wrote down the ideas or beliefs that likely created them. I claimed them as my creations. I pronounced them as good. Then I decided if I wanted to continue creating in that direction. Writing this down a step at a time helped me to clarify for myself what is going on, and it helped me to strengthen my resolve.


All quotes are used by kind permission of the Shanti Christo Foundation. To buy a copy of this profound book visit their website at I invite your thoughts and comments.

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