Lesson 2: What You Decree Is


I have literally created this experience. Something within me is grand, so powerful, so vast, so beyond anything that scientists have ever come up with, that I have literally crystallized into the field of experience an awareness of being a body in space and time! It has come forth from the field of my consciousness, the gift to me of God, who asks only that I learn to create as God creates.

What I have learned from this lesson
Did this blow your socks off? If it didn’t, you might want to go back and read it again! It was right here, reading this paragraph that I began stepping into my power. I began to realize and accept that I am truly an extension of God and therefore an extension of the power and creativity of my Father. He intends that I create. He intends that I play and have fun. He does not care what that play looks like. No one is mad at me because I decided to play in the dirt and make mud pies. I don’t lose my birthright because I am not using it to its full potential. Just because I choose to count on my fingers for awhile doesn’t mean that the mathematical concept of multiplication ceases to exist. If I don’t use that concept for awhile I may temporarily forget about it, but when I tire of my childish finger counting, I just need to be reminded, and quickly I go back to using multiplication as if I had never stopped.

I am remembering right now. That is why one day I picked up A Course in Miracles and began reading it … and believed it! And now am reading The Way of Mastery as well. Why did I do that? Why would I have decided to read it and why on earth would I have believed it? As Jeshua says, “Do you think it just happened by accident? No! The thought is penetrating your conscious awareness from the depth of your mind that rests right next to the Mind of God. Therefore, the power to generate that very thought is the effect of God’s will entering into your field of being, penetrating the veils of distraction and shining forth as thought…” Just writing this, just thinking what this means fills me with so much awe and so much joy that it leaks out of my eyes as tears of gratitude.

Holy Spirit, what would you have me do now that I have changed my mind? I don’t want to pretend that separation is real anymore. How do I get out of this playground? I am ready to step forward and accept my birthright, but I have been so long in the game I forget how to do it. I have followed the rules of separation dividing up into teams of victim and victimizer for so long that I find it extremely hard to break the habit of judgment and blame. It is a little frightening to think about everyone being innocent. I keep telling myself that at least this one person who did this truly horrible thing must surely be guilty. And before long I feel small and helpless again. How will I ever get back home? I feel so lost.

Holy Spirit: My sweet precious child, open your eyes and look around, you are playing in your own room. You have gone nowhere except in your imagination. Give me your desire to awaken, and give me full attention as I guide you. All around you will be the all the little distractions you have spent many, many years making and they will tempt you to step aside and play awhile longer. They will call out to you as a child to its maker, and ask you not to abandon them. Allow them to drift by you and be not distracted by their glitter for it is the shimmer of false gold. Allow yourself to move from the playground and take your seat next to your Father. What will your toys mean to you then?

Give me your trust just a little while, dear one. All you have made will remain awhile in your mind and will call to you, but you need not heed them. Keep your eyes firmly planted on the light to which I am guiding you. Take one step at a time, and allow yourself to feel the certainty that you are walking toward God. That certainty is in your mind. Yes there is also the fear and doubt of your ego creation which still, temporarily, abides within it as well. But that is just a tiny sliver of thought within your vast and holy mind. It looms large only because your full attention is on it. As you begin, more and more, to give your attention to Me you will soon laugh at idea that the Son of God is held hostage by his own thought. You have done this thing and it is good. Allow yourself to revel in the amazement and delight of your creations! You have decided to create differently now, but do not be ashamed or afraid of anything you have done. You have never done anything wrong. Simply set aside what you have done, and come with Me. Let Me remind you of the glory of creating as God creates.


All quotes are used by kind permission of the Shanti Christo Foundation. To buy a copy of this profound book visit their website at www.shantichristo.com. I invite your thoughts and comments.

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