Lesson 2: Mastery Arises From Innocence


Become again as a little child to enter the Kingdom.

What I learned from this lesson
This is a short section but very important. In it Jeshua tells me that the world of conflict, fear and guilt and the world of the Kingdom lie side by side within my own mind. As I read this I remembered that there is nowhere to go and the only thing to do is to choose between them. 

Yesterday I had a moment of clarity. I have been trying to get my house repaired and ready to move into. It seems to be one thing after another with that house and I have been wondering why it is not going smoothly. I knew there was a reason but I couldn’t see it. Suddenly it was as if I could look back over everything that happened with the house, all the problems I have experienced, and see that I was being led gently one step at a time to a final conclusion. Instead of walking lightly down that path I kept wandering off thinking that I knew the way and each of my own side journeys brought me to a place I didn’t want to be. It wasn’t horribly scary or anything because in my heart I knew that I was being guided. I was just confused because I didn’t understand the results. 

Once I accepted that I was not listening to my guidance but was trying to guide myself, it all became clear. I simply surrendered everything. I decided that I don’t know the way and that all my attempts to guide myself were not working. I decided to simply trust that my Guide would always do what was best not just for me but for everyone involved, and that I could not do this, and I was left with a feeling of gratitude and of peace. I thought of my children. When we would go someplace where there was a crowd or some kind of danger, I would tell them to hold my hand. They would place their hand in mine trusting I would guide them perfectly and they would be safe. This is what I am doing with the Holy Spirit now. I am holding His hand and trusting Him.

This morning I watched a little film clip of this young girl riding bareback and with no bridle. It was a competition and it was a beautiful display of two acting as one. The girl and her horse were in such perfect harmony. She guided so gently and lovingly and he followed so willingly and in obvious love and joy. It was like they were one being. I see the Holy Spirit guiding me in the same way, with gentleness and love, not forcing me to follow but allowing me to follow. How effortless it is when I choose His way, and what a beautiful thing it is to behold.


All quotes are used by kind permission of the Shanti Christo Foundation. To buy a copy of this profound book visit their website at www.shantichristo.com. I invite your thoughts and comments.

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