Lesson 178 2021

Lesson 178

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

1. (165) Let not my mind deny the Thought of God.

²God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

2. (166) I am entrusted with the gifts of God.

²God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

(ACIM, W-178.1:1–2:2)

It is so easy to become entangled in the story that we seem to be living and to lose track of our purpose. I remind myself that all things are lessons God would have me learn so it is the lesson that I am concerned with, not the minutia of the life of Myron. To further confuse the issue, the ego uses the words of the Course and tries to cloak it as a spiritual solution. For instance, I have pain and the ego wants to look for a solution in the medical field and when I lose interest in that, it insists that the pain is proof I am failing at being a Course student. I have to be vigilant for ego thinking.

I bring my thoughts back to the truth. There is no pain because pain is not real. It is not in my foot because the foot is an illusion so if I feel pain there, I am imagining pain and projecting it onto the foot. Pain is an idea in my mind and the foot is the screen on which I witness this idea. The body is much like the movie screen on which we see actors speaking and moving around. The foot has become the screen on which I see ego ideas being acted out. If I don’t like the movie, I don’t try to engage with the screen and if I don’t like the pain, I don’t try to fix the foot. Instead, I stop denying the Thought of God.

I bring my mind back to the lesson that is being presented in this classroom right now. I need only ask for Heaven to be in a Heavenly state, and I can do that right now. If my conviction is not strong, I ask with desire until the conviction is sure. This is a gift of God and He wants me to have it, and I want to have it, so I will. This is where He brings my attention when I ask what it is He wants me to see in this situation.

God wants only my happiness and He placed His Voice in my mind so that my split mind would be healed and I could be led gently back to Heaven. I am grateful for all my lessons and I am thankful that this is the lifetime I have chosen to learn them. Father, I will not squander time in vain attempts to manipulate the world. I will maintain a focus on the truth. I am Yours and You love me and I love You. Thank you for Your Thought that keeps me eternally as I was created, and thank you for Your Gifts which I gratefully accept.