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Now, we begin. 

In each and every moment, you cannot be a victim of what you see, and nothing is outside of you. What you experience you have directly and deliberately called to yourself.¨

My experience of this lesson


I know that Jesus has been telling me this for years now through A Course in Miracles, but call it perfect timing or just the way Jeshua speaks in The Way of Mastery, but these words have shifted me into a different place. This morning I had planned to get an introduction to my book written and all sorts of interference seemed to be happening. I really felt like the victim of the world I see. I noticed my stomach knotting up and my jaw clenching. These are my physical signals that I am acting like I am a victim. My victimizers were my daughter who needed me to watch the baby while she showered, the baby who wanted my full attention while I watched her. Then it was the plumbers who needed this and needed that.

I noticed the physical symptoms and then I noticed who I was projecting onto. Then I stopped for just a moment to ask myself why I would directly and deliberately call this to myself. It doesn’t really matter why I did it, but what a great reminder that none of this is anyones fault and that I experience only what I choose to experience.

So I decided to experience my morning differently. I decided that what is, is. I am not going to tell my daughter to go to work without her shower, and I am not going to turn my granddaughter away. I am absolutely going to lay a red carpet under the feet of the plumbers if that will keep them working. What I can do about this situation is choose to see it differently. 

My daughter did not make me feel anxious. I made me feel anxious. No one in my life made me feel anything. I can watch my granddaughter and enjoy her lively company or I can watch her with a resentful attitude and experience every moment as if it were an hour. I can allow myself to feel the relief of knowing the plumbing is finally being finished or I can resent their intrusion on my morning. How I feel is my decision. I am completely free to make a choice. It will always be a choice between love and fear because those are the only two categories, but the category I choose is up to me. 


All quotes are used by kind permission of the Shanti Christo Foundation. To buy a copy of this profound book visit their website at www.shantichristo.com. I invite your thoughts and comments.

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