Manual for Teachers: Section 5 HOW IS HEALING ACCOMPLISHED? . . II: The Shift in Perception . . . . . . page 18 paragraph 2

Section 5


page 18, paragraph 2



II. The Shift in Perception

The acceptance of sickness as a decision of the mind, for a purpose for which it would use the body, is the basis of healing. 2And this is so for healing in all forms. 3A patient decides that this is so, and he recovers. 4If he decides against recovery, he will not be healed. 5Who is the physician? 6Only the mind of the patient himself. 7The outcome is what he decides that it is. 8Special agents seem to be ministering to him, yet they but give form to his own choice. 9He chooses them in order to bring tangible form to his desires. 10And it is this they do, and nothing else. 11They are not actually needed at all. 12The patient could merely rise up without their aid and say, “I have no use for this.” 13There is no form of sickness that would not be cured at once.


What a clear and powerful paragraph this is! Sickness is a decision. The solution is to realize this one thing. If I am sick, I decided on sickness. We have already looked at some of the reasons we might decide on such a thing. Most of the reasons are unconscious (by choice) and are the result of thoughts and beliefs we hold and do not question. Guilt is the underlying cause of all sickness and is the source of those untrue beliefs in our mind.

Change the Mind

What we decided on can be changed. All we do is change our mind. We know how to do this. We change our mind all the time. Do I want chocolate ice cream or vanilla? Chocolate. No, never mind, I want vanilla. No. I don’t want any ice cream now. See, how easy it is to change the mind? Don’t accept your ego’s belief that you can’t.


I have been taking hormone replacements since I was in my 40’s and I am 68 now. I felt like I should stop so I did. Perhaps, I should have tapered off rather than just stopping suddenly, but I had some serious mood swings. I wondered what to do about this. I worried I would have to take some other medication to stabilize my emotions. And worried for a minute that it would be a serious and continuing problem.


Then I came to my senses. I remembered that this is a belief that I decided was true. I changed my mind. When I went to bed that night, I said aloud that I was done with that effect of the belief I had held. I told Holy Spirit I was ready for my mind to be healed of this and that when I woke up I knew I would be back to my happy normal. And that is exactly what happened. I woke up happy. When I go to bed at night, I look forward to another day of mind healing, another day of awakening. I love my life.


In this case, no agents were needed to achieve what I wanted to happen. I just decided what I wanted. This is not always the case. I have a couple of medications that I still take and seem to need. At least so far. And that is fine. These medications work only because I want the relief they bring and give them permission to do this for me. One day, maybe I won’t need them, but for now, I do. Even though I am taking something to achieve the purpose I gave them, it is still my mind that is the physician. No medicine can work unless that is my choice.

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