From 903: Gratitude for God’s Gifts

I have been studying a Pathways of Light course with a mind healing partner. The course is 903: Gratitude for God’s Gifts. One of the process that we are given to do suggests that we do this:

Holding hands with the Holy Spirit, let your mind be inspired by a prayer where you thank God for all His gifts and receive His thanks to you. Be still and listen… Let this beautiful prayer flow through you as you write it down in the space provided below. Reread it often. Let it grow in power and strength in your mind. Share it with your mind healing partner.

I did this, and the message I received from Holy Spirit is simply beautiful.

Me: I have asked for an expanded understanding and it has been given me. I have asked to be free of limited beliefs about this little self and this is being given me. I have asked that the chains of the past fall away and that I remain in this moment of freedom, never to slide back into fear and guilt again. I am watching that unfold. Thank you. I am so grateful.

Holy Spirit: Precious one, you are part of the infinite flow of love that you call God. All that God is, you are. You pray for peace, love, joy and freedom. You do not need this. You are this. You are not caught in time, you are playing in time. Open yourself to the love you are and watch it dance through your life. There is nothing I would withhold from you, nothing I could withhold. My love for you is boundless; my desire for your happiness is limitless. Desire anything and it is yours to accept or reject. What I want for you is uninterrupted peace and perfect joy and what I want Is. Open your heart my sweet, sweet child. Let my love flow through you.

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